Amanda is an Arizona native, a passionate theatre artist, a recovering perfectionist, an unlikely gardener, and an enthusiastic blogger. She loves being a wife to her fellow Shakespeare nerd, Dan, and mom to two amazing children with a third on the way. You can read more of her writing at: where she explores new goals and reflections one letter at a time.​ She loves laughter, music, avocado, reading, coffee, and so much more. She's thankful for a husband who can cook, family and friends who feel like they are family, yoga, the oxford comma, and, above all, grace. You can also find her on instagram: @alphabetresoultions
dance party

Song Filled Summer: Why Dance Parties are on our Summer Bucket List

Mamas, I have to be honest with you... I consider myself a recovering perfectionist, but I can still get sucked down the "plan a perfect summer" rabbit hole. While we have plenty of good...
graduation party

We All Deserve a Graduation Party This Year

Sweet, exhausted, resilient mamas, we did it! We survived what might be the hardest school year in living memory. As far as I'm concerned, we all deserve a giant graduation party. So imagine with...
kids ate your message

My Kids Ate Your Message… Sorry I Didn’t Get Back to You!

My kids ate your message, I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you.I know, it sounds like a really sad and maybe even false excuse along the lines of the dog ate my...
literacy and laughter

Literacy and Laughter: Picture Books That Give us the Giggles

It is no secret that in my family we LOVE the library and we absolutely adore family story time. Some of our favorite stories are where literacy and laughter come together. That's why I...
mini van

Mom Confession: I Love My Minivan

Here's a mom confession for you: One of the things I was dreading about becoming a family of five was having to get a new car. I knew our little sedan was going to...
virtual baby shower

Virtual Baby Shower: Five Tips for a Meaningful Celebration!

While 2020 may be over, the necessity of gathering virtually for some big events is not... and long after social distancing is over, a virtual baby shower can still be a great option for...
letter to 2020

Oh 2020: An Open Letter

Oh 2020, Your time is coming to a close, and I can't say I'm sad about it. You have been a year filled with the stress of a global pandemic, a contentious election, fires in...
christmas movie date night in

Date Night In: Holiday Edition Part III

Is there anything that beats a classic movie date? While hubby and I have several holiday family favorites we watch this time of year, there are a few we save for just us. The...
date night in

Date Night In: Holiday Edition- Part II

This is the second post in a series aimed at keeping us connected to our partners during a time of year that can pull our attention in so many directions. This post is an...
date night in

Date Night In: Holiday Edition- Part I

This time of year, even in years where the world is normal, let alone in the chaos of 2020, it can be hard to fit in a date night amidst all the holiday obligations....
fall fun

Easy Fall Fun

As the number of COVID cases are ticking up again, some of us with higher risk family members are about to spend even more time at home. This feels like a huge bummer, I...
sleep training

Sleep Training Myself because Mamas Need Rest Too!

There are a lot of contentious opinions out there about how and when to sleep train a baby, and I don't have a lot to add to that conversation. What I've realized recently, though,...

Dear Public Library: An Open Letter

Dear Public Library: I know it has been obvious for quite some time that I have strong feelings for you. OK, I'll admit it, I love you. When it comes to places to go with...
back to school traditions

Back to School Traditions- Yes, We’re Still Doing Them!

The start to this school year, like the end to the last school year, is going to be a little strange. I know I'm not the only parent feeling overwhelmed with how different it...
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