Amanda is an Arizona native, a passionate theatre artist, a recovering perfectionist, an unlikely gardener, and an enthusiastic blogger. She loves being a wife to her fellow Shakespeare nerd, Dan, and mom to three amazing children. You can read more of her writing at: where she explores new goals and reflections one letter at a time.​ She loves laughter, music, avocado, reading, coffee, hiking, and much more. She's thankful for a husband who can cook, family and friends who feel like they are family, yoga, the oxford comma, and, above all, grace. You can also find her on instagram: @alphabetresolutions

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Phoenix!

Find yourself some green and check out some of our favorite ideas to celebrate St. Patrick's day! Whether you want to celebrate at home or bring the whole family out on an adventure, here are...
lessons from the garden

Lessons from Our Garden: 5 Things My Kids Learned in our Backyard

It's February! Which in the rest of the country means it's still the middle of winter, but here in Phoenix it means we are practically in spring time and it is a great time...
literacy and laughter

Literacy and Laughter: Picture Books That Give us the Giggles

It is no secret that in my family we LOVE the library and we absolutely adore family story time. Some of our favorite stories are where literacy and laughter come together. That's why I...

Top 10 Spring Break Activities

It may feel like the year just started, but blink and Spring Break will be here! Here are our Top 10 Spring Break Activities for Phoenix families. 1. Take a Hike: You can't have a...
local pizza

Pizza in Phoenix: Local Slices You Have to Try

It's always the right time for pizza, and here in Phoenix we are so lucky to have a variety of incredible pizza offerings you will want to try! Here are a few pizza parlors...
christmas movie date night in

Date Night In: Holiday Edition Part III

Is there anything that beats a classic movie date? While hubby and I have several holiday family favorites we watch this time of year, there are a few we save for just us. The...
holiday performances

Holiday Performances around Phoenix You Don’t Want to Miss!

It's the most artsy time of the year! Whether you are looking to start a family tradition of seeing a holiday show, or hoping to give the gift of an experience to someone you...

3 Family Day Trips Around Phoenix

Are you looking for a little family escape from Phoenix over a weekend but don't want to go too far? Or maybe you want a special day trip to be the highlight of school...
rooftop dining

Phoenix Patio and Rooftop Dining Guide

You've made it through the grueling days of summer, and now you are ready to enjoy some amazing rooftop or patio dining as we head toward all those months where we remember why we...
ice cream

Ice Cream in Phoenix: The Ultimate Guide

The dog days of summer are upon us. The triple digit weather seems to be a constant companion and the only cure I've found is giving in to the craving for my favorite desert-...
mexican restaurants

10 Must Try Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix

We are so lucky that Phoenix has such an abundance of amazing Mexican restuarants to enjoy. It would be impossible to pick just one favorite, so here are ten must-try Phoenix Mexican restaurants and...
outdoor activities

Family Friendly Outdoor Things To Do in Phoenix

I don't know about you, but my family and I are desperate to enjoy outdoor activities anytime the weather doesn't feel like it is immediately melting us, so we've rounded up a list of...

Top Ten Coffee Houses in Phoenix

We all rely on a good drive-through chain for our java sometimes, but there are so many wonderful coffee houses to explore in Phoenix. So good news for all you tired mamas, we're sharing...
up at night

What Keeps Me Up At Night

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I had friends ask me all kinds of questions about if I was worried about things that were SO FAR in the future that I could not...

Growing up Arizonan

Growing up Arizonan, I remember celebrating February in school as Arizona's birthday month! I love that we are the Valentine State. For a long time that was what I celebrated instead of Valentine's Day,...

What We See in the Mirror

It's January. So unless you have hacked the algorithm or concealed that you are a mom from the social media gods, you have probably been pushed a lot of looks-related content and self-improvement on...
one important thing

Don’t Forget This One Important Thing Before you Leave this Year Behind

Mamas, I know it is the most chaotic time of year and so many things are on our to-do lists, but don't forget this one important thing before we leave this year behind... Celebrate your progress.  Maybe...

Gratitude Practice: Fresh Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

You might already know that having a gratitude practice is super important for your mental health. It can do so much to improve our day to day lives, especially as tired, busy mamas. Maybe...

Hiking with Kids: Tips and Tricks

I wrote last month about how I have learned to love spending some of my exercise time with my kids. One of my absolute favorite ways to do this is to go hiking with...

Exercising with my Kids: From Necessity to Enjoyment

I never thought I would enjoy exercising with my kids. A long time ago, before having my third kid, I had a gym membership and happily dropped my kids off at childcare before heading...

Will It Popsicle?

I wrote earlier this summer about our themed dance parties and how occasionally to get the kids on board I will entice them with smoothies... well that has evolved into enticing them with popsicles...
house hunting

House Hunting and Dating: Similarities Between the Two

The past three months of my life have been absolutely consumed with trying to move. There are so many steps in the process, so many points where things can go wrong and I really...
dance party

Song Filled Summer: Why Dance Parties are on our Summer Bucket List

Mamas, I have to be honest with you... I consider myself a recovering perfectionist, but I can still get sucked down the "plan a perfect summer" rabbit hole. While we have plenty of good...
graduation party

We All Deserve a Graduation Party This Year

Sweet, exhausted, resilient mamas, we did it! We survived what might be the hardest school year in living memory. As far as I'm concerned, we all deserve a giant graduation party. So imagine with...
kids ate your message

My Kids Ate Your Message… Sorry I Didn’t Get Back to You!

My kids ate your message, I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you.I know, it sounds like a really sad and maybe even false excuse along the lines of the dog ate my...
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