5 Fun Summer Activities to do with your Kids in Phoenix


The changes in routines that come with summertime can throw anyone for a loop, but we’re here to help with some fun summer activities to do with your kids in Phoenix! Let’s bring back summer fun instead of just melting our way through the next few months.

  1. Picture of two scoops of ice cream in a bowl on a hot summer dayIce cream: In my house, the answer is almost always ice cream. Whether that is making our own ice cream in a bag, having surprise ice cream for breakfast to break up the routine, or checking out one of the many delicious ice cream stores around the valley, this is the number one fun summer activity- and it requires very little plan- though clean up time may vary based on kid age and personality… In a diary free household? Now is your time to fall in love with popsicles.
  2. Harkins Summer Movie Fun: The promise is right in the title- fun summer movie watching in someone else’s air conditioning! One of the best Arizona perks is having so many Harkins theatre choices because in the summer they offer kid films for as little as $1 per movie if you sign up for the whole series. This is a huge plus for families on a budget. You must purchase the series in person at the theatre, but you can see the schedule for the summer by clicking here.
  3. Local library programs: I am totally and completely in love with our Phoenix public library. We are a family of bookworms and would go broke if it weren’t for the library. Not only does summer bring the summer reading program, which rewards my littles for reading all summer long, it also offers some wonderful programs and activities throughout the summer and you can search through those activities by your preferred library branch or activity type with this nifty calendar here.All Together Now Summer Reading Program Logo
  4. Splash Pads: The most quintessential go-to Phoenix playdate in the summer is the splashed. There are so many options around the valley, and we have a list of some favorites here for you to check out all summer long.
  5. Museums and Indoor play spaces: The number one rule for fun summer activities in Phoenix is stay cool- so indoor play spaces are a great resource during these hotter months. Some of our favorites include the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and the Arizona Science Center. Additionally, Phoenix has a number of indoor play spaces for younger kids around the valley.

How are you planning to stay cool and have fun with your kids this summer?


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