Family Friendly Outdoor Things To Do in Phoenix


I don’t know about you, but my family and I are desperate to enjoy outdoor activities anytime the weather doesn’t feel like it is immediately melting us, so we’ve rounded up a list of some great family friendly outdoor things to do in Phoenix.

Hikes: One of our very favorite family friendly outdoor activities is hiking and Phoenix has so many great hikes to choose from, but don’t get overwhelmed- we’ve already gathered some of the best kid friendly options in this one convenient blog post. If you feel intimidating hiking with your littles, we have some tips to help you.

Japanese Friendship Garden: If you want to explore a peaceful oasis in the middle of Phoenix then head to the Japanese Friendship Garden. Kids will especially love the koi pond. Adults will love the feeling of being transported outside the city. This beautiful location offers many special events, workshops, and evening hours during First Fridays. Did I mention there are waterfalls?

The Phoenix Zoo: The Phoenix Zoo is a fabulous meeting place for families with kids of all ages. Do you have a brand new baby? The zoo offers some great scenery while you soothe your little one with a walk. Have a toddler building their vocabulary? No better place to practice than pointing out all those animals. Have some highly energetic older siblings? There are so many spots for them to run off some energy and explore something new. Pro tip: If you have a membership you can get in an hour earlier than general admission! A huge win as the weather starts to heat up. And during the hotter months, pack the swim suits and hit up the Leapin’ Lagoon Splash Pad. Speaking of…

Splash Pads: Splash Pads are a fabulous way to keep enjoying the outdoors during the warmer months we get in Phoenix. There are so many splash pads to explore throughout the valley. Here are some of our favorites to get you started.

Mini Golf: Some of my favorite memories from high school are of going to Castles and Coasters with my family or friends. THere’s something about outdoor mini golf that just can’t be compared with the new indoor trend and this family activity can literally provide hours of fun if your kids take as long to move through each hole on the course as mine do. Plus, the fun little courses provide plenty of photo ops to preserve the memories of all that fun. If you prefer batting cages to compliment your mini-golf experience instead of roller coasters, you can check out Casey’s Sports World.

Farmers Markets: Phoenix has some wonderful Farmers Markets and my kids love exploring the huge variety of things for sale. We have spent some lovely Saturday mornings at farmers markets enjoying the sunshine and knowing we will get some sort of very yummy treat by the time we leave. My kids are also much more likely to try a new vegetable if they got to pick it out at the farmers market instead of me grabbing it at the grocery store. Bonus- we feel great knowing that we are supporting someone local. Some of the most popular Phoenix Farmers Markets are the Uptown Farmers Market, Roadrunner Park Farmers Market, and Downtown Farmers Market

Enchanted Island at Encanto Park: If your littles aren’t quite ready for Castles & Coasters then Enchanted Island might be perfect for them. With a train, a carousel, and plenty of other rides for kids this place is sure to be a hit. There are also pedal boats you can rent to enjoy the water in Encanto park in a unique way. Which brings us to one final recommendation of family friendly outdoor things to do in Phoenix…

Parks: Encanto park is just one of the many parks we recommend checking out in the Phoenix area. You can read about several of those great parks in this post. Sometimes even the simplest trip to your local park is the beginning of a wonderful family memory so don’t count this option out!

There are so many wonderful family friendly options for outdoor things to do in Phoenix. Do you have a favorite? We’d love to have you share it with us!


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