About Us

Phoenix Moms (formerly North Phoenix Moms Blog) was started in 2014 with the desire to connect local moms in the community plus highlight amazing local businesses and brands. We are proudly part of City Mom Collective

Our Sister Sites are written and run BY local moms, FOR local moms.

The team at Phoenix Moms is passionate about bringing you honest stories, authentic reviews, local happenings and more. We are all for supporting our network of mamas any way we can.  Need a doctor, school or daycare provider recommendation? Want to know where the best places in town are to enjoy a family friendly dinner? Are you wanting to find your tribe and connect with moms in our community? We hope that what we do enriches your day in one way or another and you enjoy your time here on our little corner of the web! 

History of Phoenix Moms

Stacey Woodward launched North Phoenix Moms Blog in 2014 and built a community both online and offline celebrating all things Phoenix & motherhood. In 2018, the owners of Scottsdale Moms, (Angela, Kara, and Kate) took over North Phoenix Moms. They are committed to continuing the passion and celebration for community created by Stacey!

In 2021, Angela, Kara, and Kate renamed North Phoenix Moms to Phoenix Moms. The renaming was thought to include all of our great communities in Phoenix from Arcadia, Sunnyslope, Desert Ridge and beyond.