Date Night In: Holiday Edition Part III


Is there anything that beats a classic movie date? While hubby and I have several holiday family favorites we watch this time of year, there are a few we save for just us. The great things about this date is that you can adapt it to almost any of YOUR favorite holiday movies- just do some theming around food, conversation, and a fun, movie inspired activity to complete your at date night in! Here are a few examples to get you started. Feel free to copy them exactly if these movies hold a special place in your family traditions too!

The Movie: Elf
My husband and I love this movie so much we actually brought it to the hospital to watch and make us laugh while I was in labor with my firstborn (who was born in May… but when you need Will Ferrell in tights what are you going to do?). Here are some ideas for an Elf themed date night in.

  • The Food: Try to create something from the four major elf food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup… preferably not over spaghetti, but that WOULD make a great dinner before the sugar fest… cookies from the Keebler company would not be amiss either… and don’t forget to have the word’s best cup of coffee!
  • Post-Movie Ideas: Have an etch a sketch contest for who can make the fanciest drawing in a limited time. If you live in a place where it is as hot as Phoenix then try to channel some snowball fights with crumpled up pieces of paper… or you can try to construct a snow globe from baby food or pasta sauce jars you have lying around (there are tutorials all over Pinterst for this activity…) or try to channel your inner Miles Finch and create storyboards for a new holiday children’s book! Or just just make up stories on the spot, no props or planning required if you want to keep date night simple. You can work together or separately and share your ideas, hopefully some laughter will ensue and maybe you’ll even stumble upon your next couples project!
  • Discussion Topics: The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear… what are your favorite Christmas songs and why? 

THE MOVIE: The Holiday
Get ready for some rom-com fun. Don’t worry, if your partner doesn’t prefer typical rom-coms we have the likes of Jack Black to make this one a bit more palatable… Here are some tips for a fabulous date night in themed around The Holiday.

  • Food: A pretty big part of the movie takes place in a sushi restaurant so if you are fans of fish I would definitely suggest that. You can also keep this super simple and have a fancy hot chocolate bar … with at least five marshmallows each… and bonus points if your date agrees to do Mr. Napkinface.
  • Post-Movie Ideas: Improvise theme songs for each other. You can use instruments or just sing “Scroodleedoo!” to your hearts content. Scroll random airbnb listings and daydream traveling there, or maybe even make plans for the future! If you or your hubby are up for a REALLY ambitious and creative end to date night you could make a movie trailer together about your own epic romance.
  • Discussion Topics: Talk about your perfect holiday, reminisce about your own “meet cute” or commiserate over a time you had to work through long distance.

I’d love to hear if you try a date night in mentioned in this series


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