Donut Shops in Phoenix:The Best in Town!


I don’t know about you, but sometimes in the chaos between school schedules and extra curricular activities, I just need a little something to treat myself, or make a morning extra special for my kiddos. In those times, nothing hits the spot quite like a particularly good donut. So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Donut Shops in Phoenix that you have to try!

Bosa Donuts: Bosa is truly an Arizona staple when it comes to Donuts. They probably operate the most donut shops in Phoenix outside of national chains and they offer all your favorite classics like sugar raised, Boston cream or apple fritters as well as a large variety of brown cake and devil’s food cake donuts. No matter which flavors you pick, you are going to brighten someone’s day when you walk through the door with their classic pink box. And since there is likely a location near wherever you are, they are great for picking up on the run!
There are so many locations of Bosa Donuts that I had to triple check they were a local chain! (They are.) The best way to find a location near you is to go to their website HERE and put in your zip-code- or trust your phone’s map app to do the searching for you!.

Nami: Nami is known for being a 100% Vegan establishment, and if you are looking for a vegan donut, this is a great place to try! They offer a vegan risen doughnut in various flavors, as well as a cake doughnut that is not only vegan but also soy and gluten free. People who have both a sweet tooth and dietary restrictions, rejoice! This is the place for you. Flavors they’ve featured include pina colada, chocolate “butterfingers”, blueberry crumble, and more traditional selections such as chocolate frosted with sprinkles!
Nami is located at 2014 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006. You can find out more or even order online HERE.

Short Leash Hotdogs and Rollover Doughnuts: The donut selections here are so unique. From Boozy donuts such as Chocolate Bourbon Cream to “the kitchen sink” donut which includes marshmallows and heath bar, to a chai filled maple glazed, you have an incredible array of options to choose from. Enjoy your donut with a selection from their coffee bar and enjoy that this place is super kid friendly with a large array of board games to play as well as some fun swinging chairs on their patio! The only draw back? Unlike the other donut shops in Phoenix that we list here, Rollover Doughnuts is only open Friday though Sunday so be sure to check their website for hours of operation and plan accordingly!
Short Leash Hotdogs and Rollover Doughnuts is located at 4221 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013. Check out their website HERE.

Picutre of a cake donut with heath bar, caramel drizzle, and marshmallows on top
The “kitchen sink” donut- so many marshmallows so little time…

Lucky Donuts: Lucky Donuts is located in an unassuming shopping center, but inside awaits an incredible variety of traditional and funky donut selection as well as Boba selections if you want to pair your donut with something other than coffee! I am a big fan of red velvet cake, and their red velvet donut really hit the spot. My daughters had a hard time picking their favorite cereal donut, and my husband is still absolutely raving about their bacon maple donut weeks later. Basically, there are no wrong choices here!
Lucky Donuts is located at 2510 W. Thunderbird Rd #1, Phoenix, AZ 85023. You can check out their website HERE

a box filled with half a dozen donuts of various flavors with toppings such as rainbow sprinkles, captain crunch cereal, and crumbled bacon
A selection of donuts from Lucky Donuts that my family went crazy over…

LUX: Lux made an appearance on our post about the best coffee houses in Phoenix and they are back again as one of our favorite donut shops in Phoenix. Lux is an incredible spot for a unique donut fix. Just be aware that they rotate their pastry selections and so you never known what flavors you might get or when they might run out of donuts on offer. If you go in and donuts are an option though? Don’t hesitate, order them. Order an extra for a friend who might not make it in for one in time. Bonus: The decor on these donuts are always instagram worthy- but somehow they still taste even better than they look.
Lux is located at 4402 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85012. Check out their website HERE.

WORTH THE DRIVE: This last selection isn’t technically located in Phoenix, but it is well worth the drive, so we had to include them!

The Local Donut: When my mama friends heard I was writing an article on local donut shops, this came up as a suggestion more than any other place, and the donuts lived up to the hype! While The Local Donut may not look like much from the outside, there’s a reason they often have lines out the door. They donuts are priced by categories that include traditional (featuring flavors like bars or standard sprinkles donuts), Classy (including filled donuts like Boston Cream or their French Crullers), Fancy (think salted caramel or a fruity pebbles topped creation), and Schmancy (which includes selections like S’mores or Caramel Coconut). Of the half dozen donuts my family sampled from here, their Schmancy Creme Brûlée donut took first place. It was unique, delicious, and made me want to come back as soon as possible. 
The Local Donut is located at 3213 Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. To check out their full menu or get more information, click here.

two donuts sit side by side- The creme brûlée donut and Nutella cronut from Local Donut- both have a raspberry in the middle
The Creme Brûlée Schmancy donut (left) and the Nutella Cronut (right) were both amazing selections

Where’s your favorite donut spot in the valley? Let us know if you try any of these!


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