Loving Library – a Phoenix treasure

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Loving Library is a local nonprofit that was founded in 2020 by (then) 8-year-old, Anaik Sachdev. Loving Library inspires kids to spread kindness and give back to their community. Celebrating over 12,000 books donated, Loving Library maintains a continued commitment to improving mental health and well-being of communities in need one book at a time. 

Since Loving Library’s inception during COVID, it has helped deliver books to underserved communities like pediatric hospital patients, mass shooting victims, child abuse victims, NICU families, refugee families and more.

Loving Library

How did the nonprofit become established? After a spring-break visit to New York in March 2020, Anaik’s mother was diagnosed with Covid-19. During those weeks at home, Anaik found solace in books, they helped him escape isolation even as his family struggled with illness. This discovery of books gave him the perfect dose of mental relief. Soon after, his grandmother tested positive and was hospitalized, and Anaik realized how harsh and cold isolation can be. “I would FaceTime her during her stay at the hospital and I saw she had no sunlight in her room. She couldn’t interact with anyone, it felt so lonely. Back home, we were reading books to pass time. I thought to myself that books could be a great escape for loneliness at the hospital,” Anaik recalls. What began as an experiment to help his grandmother soon transformed into a way for thousands of patients to battle isolation through books. He launched Loving Library on his 8th birthday as a way to give back to his community.

“During a frightening and uncertain time for so many, Anaik’s genuine care, compassion and empathy is a wonderful example for all of us,” said Monica Miller, Nurse at Valleywise Health. “This young boy made more of an impact than he’ll ever know. Not just for our patients who received books and journals, but for the healthcare providers and our foundation team who witnessed his ‘love in action’ firsthand.”

With ten chapters of Loving Library already established throughout the U.S. and the U.K., the youth ambassadors continue to grow the nonprofit through their desire to be of service. With each new chapter, ambassadors are provided with the tools and resources to lead their own service-learning project.

“We strive to show empathy, compassion, inclusivity and care for those in need,” said Karina Koppikar, Loving Library Ambassador. “We hope other kids will consider starting a chapter where they see a need.”

Loving Library

Loving Library will host its second fundraising event on September 23 called “Light Up The Library” for kids and grownups. Funds raised at the event will support the existing ten chapters and help open five new ones. Guests will enjoy a delicious dinner, glow party, raffle and much more! All are invited to don glow attire (neon & white clothes) and join in support of the organization. For more information on the Light Up The Library, visit https://thelovinglibrary.org/loving-library-fundraising-event/

“I hope that the recipients of our books know that others are thinking of them, and they are not alone,” said Anaik Sachdev, Loving Library founder & CEO. “Reading provides many benefits like reducing stress, improving concentration and boosting creativity.” 

Loving Library has been featured on Ellen DeGeneres, GMA and NBC Nightly News. For more information on Loving Library, visit https://thelovinglibrary.org/


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