Ice Cream in Phoenix: The Ultimate Guide

ice cream

The dog days of summer are upon us. The triple digit weather seems to be a constant companion and the only cure I’ve found is giving in to the craving for my favorite desert- ice cream. In case you feel the same and are looking for some amazing ice cream in Phoenix, here are some shops to put on your summer bucket list.

Churn: No matter which ice cream flavors are in rotation today, you can be sure that Churn has made them with fresh ingredients and that they will be absolutely delicious. Hands down my kids’ favorite place to go for ice cream thanks to the fun old fashioned candy they have in the store as well as the little toys that sometimes appear on their ice cream orders. If you are 21 and up you can try their boozy selections when they appear on the menu. I recommend adding a salted chocolate chunk cookie to your ice cream order… or indulging in an ice cream cookie sandwich!
Located at: 5223 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Novel: Novel takes ice cream sandwiches to the next level- with European waffle sandwiches and ice cream stuffed donuts. Rotating specialty flavors can sell out quickly, but they also have reliable favorites, such as the Cookie Monster ice cream that is a must buy if you have a collection of kid pictures with crazy messy faces.  There will be blue everywhere.
Located at: 1028 Grand Ave. Cottage 6, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Peace Cream: This family owned shop offers ice cream topped crepes (try the Nutella crepe) and ice cream topped Belgian waffles (my husband is obsessed with the German Chocolate Waffle) as well as classic milkshakes.
Located at: 15414 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85023

Melt: It is easy to spot a treat from Melt as their ice cream is packaged in a Chinese take out container and served with a fortune cookie on top! With its downtown locations so close to Roosevelt row and all things artsy and quirky, it is no surprise that Melt has some of the most unique flavors of ice cream in Phoenix (recent options include jalapeño cheesecake and Cold Brew Bourbon) as well as vegan options. Melt certainly has a vibe all its own and is not to be missed.
Located at: 333 E. Roosevelt St as well as inside Pemberton PHX at 1121 N 2nd St.

Mary Coyle: A staple when it comes to ice cream in Phoenix, Mary Coyle “Ol’ fashioned ice cream” has been serving the valley sweet treats since the 1950s. Their new location is now open near the Heard Museum and is still serving up all your favorite classic flavors. If you are visiting with a large group, you can try their “specialties of the house” which range from “The Hill” (4 pounds of ice cream in 4-6 flavors plus toppings) to “The Grand Canyon” (ELEVEN POUNDS OF ICE CREAM which, if you attempt, I am begging you to tag us in a before and after picture.) Pro tip: Don’t skip the homemade waffle cones.
Located at: 2302 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Sweet Republic: With an incredible array of hand-crafted, all natural flavors, Sweet Republic balances their offering of traditional flavors (vanilla, chocolate, mint-chip) with unique rotational offerings (black pepper cherry, root beer, sweet corn). I can’t get enough of their honey lavender flavor, which is made with local McClendon Select’s honey. They also offer delicious handmade marshmallows either on your ice cream or to-go and almond toffee brittle that makes a great treat over your ice cream or on its own!
Located at: 6054 N 16th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Nami: While several of the shops on this list offer vegan ice cream or sorbets, Nami is a 100% vegan establishment. One of their specialties is the tSoynami which is made of “tSoft tServe” from organic soy and coconut mixed with all sorts of yummy add ins. I have friends across the dietary spectrum who rave about this vegan treat so don’t be afraid to take your dairy loving friends to check it out!
Located at: 2014 N 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85006

Splurge: If you are specifically craving gelato or sorbet, be sure to stop by Splurge which is located alongside Luci’s at the Orchard (you may recognize this as one of our top coffee shops and top splash pads!) You can’t go wrong with their “Don’t Be Salty, Caramel” gelato, but my very favorite choice is the blood orange sorbet. Splurge also offers gluten free cone choices.
Located at: 7100 North 12th Street, Building Two, Phoenix, AZ 85020

All of the location names in this post link to their websites in case you need additional information, and as a bonus I wanted to share my favorite east side and west side ice cream places- while these shops aren’t technically ice cream in Phoenix proper, they are definitely still in the Phoenix-metro area. Check out the outrageous show stopper shakes at ZuZu if you are in Scottsdale. If you are on the west side then consider dropping by the cutest family owned ice cream shop- Papa Ed’s in Glendale (they even have ice cream treats for your dogs!) We can’t wait to hear what delicious ice cream treats you try.



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