Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Phoenix!


Find yourself some green and check out some of our favorite ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s day! Whether you want to celebrate at home or bring the whole family out on an adventure, here are seven lucky options to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Phoenix.

  1. Attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Irish Faire: One of the most traditional ways to celebrate St. Patrick’d Day in Phoenix would be to attend the 40th annual St. Patrick’d Day parade in Phoenix will take place the weekend before St. Patrick’s day on March 11, 2023 starting at 10 AM. The parade starts at Oak st. and 3rd in Phoenix and travels down to the Margaret T. Hance Park where there is a whole faire full of music, step dancers, bagpipers, and more. More information can be found at their website HERE
  2. Hunt for 4 leaf clovers: If your kids need a quieter activity, you can take advantage of our amazing spring weather, go to your local park, and hunt for 4 leaf clovers! If you don’t have any success there you can make your own out of some trusty green construction paper and a four leaf clover template.
  3. Visit the Renaissance Festival: The Renaissance festival was one of our top recommendations for Spring Break. If you want to celebrate St Patrick’s Day all weekend long, then check out the Renaissance Festivals’ Celtic Weekend March 18-19. There’s even a “Wearing’ of the Green Contest” on the 19th at 1:30 PM. More information can be found HERE
  4. Bake some Rainbow Cookies: A fun way to get your kids involved is to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with rainbow cookies. While these are a bit detailed to make, they are fairly simple with a very fun payoff. You can find several different ideas of ways to make the cookies by searching the internet, but this tutorial is a good place to start!
  5. Snap some Pictures at the Green Fountain: Take a short trip to Fountain Hills on St. Patrick’s day and you can see the annual “greening of the fountain.” This will start around noon on the 17th, so don’t get there too early in the day! Fountain Park is located at 12925 N. Saguaro Blvd., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. They also have an “Irish Fountain Fest” the weekend before on March 11th. You can find More information about that by clicking HERE.
  6. Set a Leprechaun Trap: Our favorite family tradition is letting the kids set up an elaborate leprechaun trap the night before St. Patrick’s Day. Sometimes the leprechaun is too clever, and sometimes the leprechaun leaves them some gold coins for how creative their trap was, and sometimes they get another surprise entirely. It’s always a little different each year, but the fun of celebrating St. Patrick’s day in this way never gets old. (Just be careful if your kids decide on a lego trap… pretty convinced those are more painful to parents than leprechauns…)

  7. Enjoy some Irish Food and Drink: Phoenix has a variety of Irish pubs that are sure to be popular choices on March 17th. If you are in the downtown Phoenix area, Seamus Mccaffrey’s is always a popular choice. Further uptown, closer to Paradise Valley we have The Dubliner, and if your traditional St. Patrick’s activities were usurped in 2023 by the Taylor Swift Concert (and if you got tickets to that maybe you’ve used all your luck for the year…), Tim Finnegan’s in Glendale is right off the 101 on your way to State Farm Stadium! Leave the littles at home for this particular activity. These pubs are sure to get a bit crazy!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? We’d love to hear if you try any of our suggestions!


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