Nevin Tawil

Nevin Tawil (pronounced Naveen) is a proud Arizona native. Nevin graduated from ASU in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. Nevin became a mom in 2019 to a lovely girl named Nadine. Nevin believes motherhood is exhausting, inspiring, and purpose-giving! She is passionate about crafting, planning, decorating, and all things beauty! During her free time she loves to try new restaurants and travel.
Arcadia Pediatric Dental

Arcadia Pediatric Dental Review {plus a giveaway!}

If you are looking for a dentist that your child will be excited about and happy to visit, look no further: Arcadia Pediatric Dental is your place! My 22-month-old was greeted with balloons and...
bath bomb

An Easy DIY Mother’s Day Bath Bomb You Can Make With Your Child!

As a child, I enjoyed making my mother's day gifts alongside my mom. Not only was I making her a special gift, but I was also spending quality time with her. Whether you’re looking...

5 Steps to Help Ease Anxiety

It's completely normal to get nervous or worked up about things out of our control or over important life changes and events. However, about 40 million Americans live with an anxiety disorder, which is...
deviled egg

Three Easy-to-Make Deviled Egg Recipes for Easter

When it comes to Easter brunch, deviled eggs have always been and continue to be a family-favorite. The secret to their timelessness? Their versatility! The flavor possibilities are endless! I have included three of...

The Crayola Experience is One You Don’t Want to Miss!

Looking for a local, fun, and interactive place to take your family during spring break? Look no further! Crayola Experience in Chandler, AZ has finally reopened its doors. Crayola offers 12 different attractions. They...
spring break

Three Tips to Follow If You Decide to Travel During Spring Break

Spring break is a time to relax and de-stress. It is meant for students of all ages to recharge and get ready for the last semester of the school year. If you’re planning on...
valentine treats

3 Healthy Valentine Treats to Share With Your Kiddos

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the ones you love and let them know how much you care. What better way to celebrate than showering your kids with delicious (and healthy) finger foods...
resolutions stick

4 Steps to Help Your Resolutions Stick

We all know that sticking to our New Year's resolutions isn't easy. Some of us may quit on our goals after a couple of days while others quit weeks later. It may seem discouraging...
destress your december

De-Stress Your December with These Three Simple Tips

December has a reputation for being a stressful month no matter what holiday you celebrate. Adding an elaborate agenda to accomplish in December will only send your household into a tailspin and your blood...
food coma

5 Tips to Avoid The Thanksgiving Food Coma

We all know someone who falls asleep on the nearest recliner right after eating Thanksgiving dinner. Not only do they miss out on family fun, but they also miss out on eating Pumpkin pie...
picky eater

My Picky Eater is Fed and Happy {Sun Harvest Baby Food Review}

Are you a stressed mama of a picky baby? The symptoms of a picky eater can be pretty stressful. Your baby might push away the spoon or turn their head from it. They may...

Halloween is Not Cancelled: Celebrating Safely

With Halloween being right around the corner and COVID-19 restrictions still in place, the big question arises: Will Halloween be “cancelled” this year? The answer, happily, is no—not if we adopt the right attitude....
working from home

Three Tips to Master Working From Home with Kids

The spread of Covid-19 has demanded the majority of working moms to work from home. To some it seems like a breeze, but in reality it can be extremely stressful. I have been working...

Six Reasons To Stop What You’re Doing and Take the Family to Mavrix!

Looking for a new, fun, and safe place to visit after being quarantined for so long? Look no further: Mavrix is the place to be! Mavrix has something for everyone and all ages. I...
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