Let’s remember our “why” as our children go back to school

Summer break flew by so quickly and back to school season is in full swing. As we all get accustomed to a new routine or schedule, let’s remember our “why”.
Our children are our “why”.
They need us to guide, support, and assist them during their education journey as best as we can. It is so important for them to know that they are being rooted for and that as parents; we have their back! 
Your presence in your children’s “school life” is important to their commitment to school. Sit down with them and ask about their school day. Help with their homework. Ask if they need extra help with anything going on at school. Let them know that you’re available to listen and answer questions.
Make it a habit to always ask questions regarding their school day. Show interest! Your interest will show them you care. This will help them open up and talk about any issues that they are facing at school. 
You want your children to know that you respect their dedication and hard work at school. Praising your children for the small and the big wins will keep them motivated. Try to praise them at least once a week. It will pay off in the long run and they will know that you are noticing their dedication. 
It is important for children of all ages to be heard.
Communication is key and our children need to be heard, praised, and supported. They should always be our “why” in everything we do.



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