Back-to-School Savings Tips


Are you the type of parent or caregiver who likes to record the height marks of your children on your wall or door frame? Have you lovingly touched those inch milestones, reminiscing over that season of life in your mind’s eye, only to notice those newly made etchings haven’t even had time to settle in the cracks of the wall because you swear your child just had a growth spurt behind your back? Not only is your child taller, but their torsos have elongated, making their shirts now too short, the once longs pants now resemble capris and those new shoes you just bought three weeks ago? Your kiddo is now complaining about how their toes have become too tight in their tennies! Just like there is a tight squeeze for their tootsies, you can feel the tight squeeze on your wallet for all the money you are spending to keep your children clothed properly. To alleviate some of that financial strain, here are a few back-to-school saving tips to help your budget:

  1. Boscov’s: It’s a family-owned department store that has multiple locations on the East Coast. One of my favorite reasons for shopping in their stores online is because they tend to have amazing sales on kids’ clothes. When they are getting ready to head into different seasons, they have heavily discounted clothing that is perfect for Arizona weather. Kohl’s, Macy’s, and JC Penney’s follow suit with their online sales and discount codes too. Be sure to signup for their emails. If you sign up for Rakuten or another shopping portal to utilize when you shop at these stores, you will essentially be doubling your savings and even potentially earning cash back. Win! Win!
  2. Goodwill: A well-known thrift store that is all over the country. With multiple locations in the valley, you can find gently used clothing for a fraction of the price of retail. Sometimes you will get lucky and find brand-new items for cheap. This is a great option if you are looking to stretch your dollar, especially for kids. Side note: look for locations that are near schools with uniforms. There is sure to be a treasure trove of polos, skirts, and pants at a nice discount).
  3. Cat & Jack clothing from Target: They have a one-year return policy with a receipt. (Many families have benefitted from this generous return policy, whether it is for a defective clothing item or because your child had outgrown something. If you don’t have a receipt, double-check your app to see your transaction history. Please note each Target has its own policy and you should check with them to follow their protocols. Please remember to always be kind and be prepared that rules can change at any time).
  4. Clothing swap with friends: Why not host a play date with a purpose? Kids can get involved and “shop” for their favorite styles. You and your friends can go home with “new to you” outfits, you won’t have to spend any money, the kids get to play with their friends, you get adult time, some possible clothes for yourself, and you “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” helping the planet. Another bonus is creating friendships with other adults, possibly allowing yourself to create “date night/babysitting swaps.” Consider hosting these once a quarter, especially when your kids are in super growth mode. Your wallet will thank you!

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