Freeze Dry Breast Milk for your baby!


Did you know you can freeze dry your breast milk into powder?  The powder is as easy to use as formula with the powerful nutrition of your very own breast milk. And what’s even more amazing is there is a local company based in Tempe, Arizona that does just that. They take your very own frozen breast milk and turn it into a shelf stable powder that you can use at home or on the go.


BoobieJuice is a local freeze dried breast milk company that specializes in turning Mom’s very own breast milk into a powder. They are a cGMP certified freeze dried breast milk processing facility located in Tempe and the only cGMP certified processing facility in the State. This local family owned company provides a long term, shelf stable storage solution for your breast milk, that is travel friendly and ready whenever you need it. You never have to worry about being on the go with frozen milk or your stash melting again.

BoobieJuice understands the incredible power that breast milk offers, and also understands the time, patience, and energy that goes into producing it. Owner Lisa Bartlett, has a four year old son. She pumped for the first year and a half and breast fed for three years. “Breast milk is so incredibly powerful for a baby’s immune system and cognitive development. By helping Moms extend the life of their breast milk is nothing short of magical!” said Lisa Bartlett.

So how does it work? Having your breast milk turned into powder is easy. You visit to schedule a local drop off, select a day and time, and once complete, you can pick your new powder pouches. BoobieJuice also offers shipping kits for Mothers who live farther away and provide all the required packaging materials to safely overnight them your frozen milk.

Once the process is complete, the powder comes packaged in shelf stable single serving pouches they call On the Go or bulk scoop and serve pouches they call At Home. What is even more amazing is the pouches are good for over 3+ years when unopened and good for 1 month when opened and resealed.

According to the CDC frozen breast milk has a 6-12 month use. The 6 month mark is considered to be the maximum taste and aroma period and the 12 month indicator is the  recommended use by date. When stored in the freezer, breast milk takes on a gradual descent of freezer oxidation and nutritional break down. This leads to the changes in taste and aroma, the sour or vinegar notes or for higher lipase mothers, the metallic and soapy tastes. It also leads to reduced nutrition and caloric levels as the breast milk breaks down. 

Now comes the magic! When you freeze dry breast milk, it halts the processes that breaks down your milk and allows mothers the chance to affectively extended the use by date and expand the functional use of their breast milk. All these benefits, while retaining nearly all of the nutrition, and comes in a shelf stable powder. Freeze-dried breast milk is not affected by lipase enzyme. Lipase requires water to function, without water, lipase stops working to break down your milk. The natural process of freeze drying, know as sublimation, removes the water causing the lipase to suspend its ability to work and thus safeguards your stash from becoming soapy or metallic tasting. Freeze drying is also known to improve the taste and aroma of frozen breast milk affected by lipase.  

Now that you have your breast milk freeze dried, what can you do with it? Well, the easy one is make a bottle. Did you know that you can also fortify baby foods with a breast milk nutrition boost simply by adding a scoop of powder? Mix it in baby’s first purées, sprinkle on food, into their cereal, fortify milk, rub it on their gums, make popsicles, concentrated milk baths, healing skin lotions, soaps and more!

Now let’s talk about the freedom it gives families to travel. You can go anywhere without ice, refrigeration or worrying about breast milk melting. Simply mix your freeze dried powder in a clean bottle with warm water and you’re ready to go!

The biggest takeaways of having your breast milk freeze dried are:

-Shelf Stability
-Extended lifespan 
-Travel friendly
-Fortifying options
-Prevent oxidation and degradation
-Emergency preparedness
-High Lipase solution

Thinking about having your stash freeze dried?  Check out to learn more. 

Thank you to BoobieJuice for providing the content for this article. We are so excited to have them as a sponsor and to introduce their innovated service to you and other new moms in our community.


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