Wendie DG

Wendie, native Phoenician and professional writer, holds a Bachelor's in Secondary Education/English, SEI Endorsement, and Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies in Writing and Psychology. Honing her craft, Wendie specializes in ghostwriting, aviation, event planning, communications, interviewing, education, creative writing, poetry, and the nonprofit sector. She is inspired by stories of valor, is actively involved in philanthropy, loves traveling, and spending time with family and friends.
I see you mama

I See You, Mama! Let Me Give You a Reprieve

I see you, Mama. Sip. Savor. Breathe. Do you get these moments? The commercials show a relaxed woman, sitting on a porch overlooking a picturesque backdrop or soaking in a nice bubble bath. Does that...
Lady standing in front of a pretend plane at the AZ Science Center

Going Places: The Technology of Transportation – Arizona Science Center’s Newest Exhibit

Be sure and visit the Arizona Science Center's newest exhibit - Going Places: The Technology of Transportation. The Arizona Science Center is such a magical place. As mamas, you know the littles who love to...
sticker chart

YAY YOU! Sticker Chart for Adults: Intentional Parenting

A sticker chart for adulting. Hear me out. Adulting. We all do it. Or, at least, we are expected to, right? Countless memes, commercials, and clothing slogans exist and poke fun at daily tasks, whether...

Go City San Diego: Affordable Tips for Arizonans

I love living in Arizona, don’t you? While others may find themselves in negative wind chill and having to scrape ice off of their windshields or bundling up to stay warm...
party jungle

Party Jungle: Phoenix Spotlight and Giveaway

“Yes, this is what I want to do for a living; put smiles on kids’ faces.” This sentiment has echoed from the heart of California native, Rich Luboviski, for over a decade. A creative akin to...
indoor play

Best Indoor Play Areas in Phoenix – 2021 Edition

After a year of dealing with this pandemic, businesses took the time to rework their plans to operate more safely for families. With summer around the corner and Phoenix temps heating up, families are...
science center

AZ Science Center: Astronaut Exhibition Review

I am passionate about becoming a “connoisseur of the sky.” From all things adrenaline, aviation, and yes, even astronomy, my visit to the Arizona Science Center to check out the new Astronaut Exhibition was...
believe it

Believe It! How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable: A Book Review

As little girls, we are encouraged to dream big and told we can become whatever we wish when we grow older. We hold tight to our fairytale-like dreams with excitement, joy, and wild abandon....

Epic 40th birthday: a Trip to Maui

We all know self-care is so important yet many of us rarely act on it in ways that will do our souls good. Having learned my limitations and when to take a break, I...
mental health

Mama’s Mental Health: Taking Taboo Away

How are you doing, friend? I mean really? This past year has been a dumpster fire.  Insanely tumultuous. Baffling and blessed. A few days into the New Year and it already seems as if...
pandemic disney

Pandemic Disney: a Different Adventure in a Different Time

Do you have a favorite sound? Or rather, a favorite voice? One that you could just listen to for hours and feel like all is right with the world? For me, it would be...

{Book Review} Didn’t See That Coming: Putting Life Back Together When Your World Falls...

Imagine that you are taking a delightful morning stroll. The sun’s rays peek through the majestic oaks before you. Birds perch atop their stately branches, chirping harmoniously as a cool breeze rustled its leaves....

Empower Me: Celebrating the Power of Women Supporting Women

Empowerment. The opportunity to become stronger and mightier than before. Women who rally around one another are a force to be reckoned with, wouldn’t you agree? I love the image of an elephant herd....
national girlfriends day

National Girlfriends Day: Celebrate your Friendships

Do you know what I loved about growing up in the ’80s? When my mom would load my sisters and me up in the car and head over to one of her girlfriend’s houses....
what's your legacy

What’s Your Legacy?

A few years ago, while attempting to complete my Masters, I took a psych course called "The Family: A Psychological Perspective." We were suppose to introduce ourselves and I got stuck. I had been...
new normal

Making the Most of Our “New Normal”

Quarantine had us homebound for about two months. The only time we ventured out with the kiddos is when my three-year-old had her tonsils and adenoids removed. Ice-cream and popsicles were supposed to be...
donald duck day

Donald Duck Day

Growing up I had a fascination with Disney. I loved make-believe and all the characters. However, I felt a connection with Donald Duck. I wondered if being a middle child had anything to do...
honoring mamas

Honoring Mamas

Mothers. Mamas. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are quirky, others well-known. Soft-spoken, rambunctious, ambitiously optimistic, a supportive cheerleader. As we go through this strange time of quarantine, I find myself taking...

Stepping Stones Preschool: A Step Ahead in Character, Success, & Fun

Parenthood never properly prepares an individual for what’s to come. As if pregnancy weren’t overwhelming enough, once that tiny human enters the world, there’s a myriad of decisions we as caregivers must make to...

Beauty Through My Eyes

Friends, this is a bizarre and challenging time we are facing in our world. With it comes a myriad of emotions that, if we aren’t careful, can have us spiraling into an abyss of...
sky my beloved

Sky, My Beloved: One Mom’s Reflection on her Love of Flying

There’s something intoxicating about the wild blue yonder. She hearkens one back to an earlier era and invites us into a world of adventure. From my earliest sentiments of playing Peter Pan, soaring in...

Operation: Make Her Smile

Valentine’s Day is nearing, and with it comes mixed feelings and emotions. Some love the idea of love and celebrate it accordingly. Others shun its advances, hunkering down in the trenches and comically referring...

Bucket List for the New Me {Exciting Goals}

Every year I create a bucket list of sorts. This year I’ve entitled it, “39 things Wendie will do while 39.” 2020 is a great motivator because not only is it a New Year...

Little Women: Big Impact

Admittedly, as the curtains drew open at the renowned Cine Capri in Scottsdale, I sat with a furrowed brow and a biased attitude, wondering if filmmaker and actress Greta Gerwig’s rendering of Little Women...
holidays of the heart

Holidays of the Heart {Finding Joy when Trouble Complicates the Season}

Christmas is my favorite season. As a child, I always enjoyed the decorations, the yummy fudge my aunts and grandma would make, and listening to Elvis and Alabama play holiday classics on the old...
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