Beat the heat with a fun planned picnic


Summer is here! What does that mean for AZ families? The days are much longer and the temperatures are rapidly rising! Kids are starting to drive their parents crazy and parents can’t wait for school to start again! One way to soak in the summer chaos and spend quality time with your family is with a picnic. You can choose to do the picnic at your local park or even in your backyard! Picnics are a wonderful way to relax outside, play games with your family, and enjoy a nutritious meal in a fun and flexible setting.

Below are some tips to ensure an enjoyable picnic:


The first and most important tip is to plan your picnic after sunset so the sun isn’t out! (Thank me later) 

Include physical activity.

Spending time outdoors is a great way to encourage outdoor play and exercise. Being physically active as a family can make it fun for everyone!  Play on the local playground, compete in a game of tag, or toss a Frisbee around! 

Plan your meal ahead of time.

This is your time to include the “healthy stuff”. Kids are always hungry after playing and will eat anything and everything! Produce, produce, produce! What’s a picnic without fresh fruit and vegetables?

Serve up sliced watermelon, summer berries, fresh salsas, and salads. Get creative with your food by cutting your sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

As an alternative to juices and sodas, make your own 100% fruit juice–like strawberry watermelon lemonade or infused fruit-flavored water. For infused water, add fresh fruit such as oranges, lemons, or berries to a container of cold water.  

Remember food safety. 

It is important to consume cold refrigerated foods within two hours of packing. Food can spoil quickly on a hot day, so be sure to keep your food cold with a cooler full of ice or cold packs. Also, don’t forget to bring hand wipes or sanitizer to use before eating 

Enjoy your picnic! 


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