Stephanie was born in Colorado and has lived in Arizona for 20 years. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Business Marketing. She is a mom to a beautiful daughter Emma (3) and fur baby, Jack. Her husband, Jeff, and her both work for their family business, she is a Fit4Mom fitness instructor, and also runs her own family photography business, Shamrock Photography.
outdoor fitness

Outdoor Fitness Opportunities Are Here

After the long, hot, seemingly endless summer, it is finally our chance to get some outdoor fitness in. With holiday season upon us, it may be hard to squeeze it all in, but let's...
skin cancer

The Importance of Being Tested for Skin Cancer

Back in late February/early March my husband was diagnosed with skin cancer in two areas. Even though skin cancer has become common and treatable, it is always scary to hear the word "cancer" especially...

3 Tips to Help You Exercise in the Summer

Well, it has happened. We’ve crossed into the horrifying 110+ degree weather. And let’s be real if you want to be an active mama that probably means things have to change in order for...
truth is parenthood doesn't get easier

The Truth is Parenthood Doesn’t Get Easier

When I was younger, I remember regularly asking my mom what her favorite age for me was. And her reply was always, I enjoyed you as a baby, but I love the age you are...

Mommy Wins: When It’s Time To Celebrate Ourselves

Happy May ladies! This is our month to shine! With Mother's Day just having passed, warmer weather, and visions of summer vacation dancing in our minds, it's a good month to celebrate ourselves. As...

Importance of Taking Time for a Girls’ Weekend

Recently, five of my mommy tribe friends and I got away for an amazing, and much needed girl’s weekend. The entire time I kept pinching myself because I could not believe that FIVE moms...

The Day I Opened up About My Postpartum Depression

On August 19, 2015 I finally made it public on Facebook that I had been suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety since the birth of my beautiful daughter. Here was my post: About a year...

Do You Shave Your Face? Why You Should!

The weather is warming up here in Arizona, and with that comes our drier air too. We’re putting away the long sleeve shirts and boots to bring out shorts and tanks tops. With the...

4 Perfectly Simple and Fun Spring Hairstyles

From the moment I learned that we were having a baby girl, I knew she was going to have a lot of hair and I was going to have some serious fun with it....

When Should I Stop Trying to Get Pregnant?

It's been exactly two years and two months since my husband and I started trying to get pregnant with baby number two. Many people said it would happen quickly because "your body just knows...

How to Organize Your Home and Feel Good About It

One thing I love about a new year is the opportunity to clean house and get reorganized. Out with the old and in with a fresh start. After reading a fellow contributor's blog about...

New Year and a Reflection on How to be Happy

Raise your hand if you are mentally exhausted from 2016? It was a pretty crazy year when you look back at it.  It was a good year.  Work was busy; my husband published his...

The Need For Me Time + a Facial

I can't really remember when or why I started, but in high school I spent every Sunday finishing my homework and then jumping into my latest copy of Seventeen magazine.  I listened to my favorite music...
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