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After the long, hot, seemingly endless summer, it is finally our chance to get some outdoor fitness in. With holiday season upon us, it may be hard to squeeze it all in, but let’s not forget to prioritize ourselves a little bit amidst the chaos.  

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Here are some tips to get you on the right track for a fit and healthy holiday season:

  1. With the sun rising later and setting earlier, it is important to make sure your workout wardrobe is brightly colored and has reflective strips or lights. You always want to make sure you have something on that makes you easily visible to others on the street.
  2. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather. Keep in mind that as you start moving, your body temperature will be 20 degrees warmer than the outside air (so, if it’s 60 degrees outside your moving body temperature will be 80 degrees). With this in mind: layer! 
  3. Stay hydrated. I know this sounds simple, but it’s easy to overlook. As the weather cools down, you feel less thirsty. It is so important to drink at least 12 (8oz) glasses of water a day. Staying well-hydrated regulates your body temperature, helps your recovery, gives you a healthy metabolism, and keeps you regular. 
  4. Avoid sugar! The way our body uses and breaks down refined sugar differs from the breakdown of sugar in fruit and other healthier carbs. Whether you are just starting on the journey, or have been maintaining a healthier lifestyle for years, fueling your body mindfully is key.  We can’t stay the course all the time, but moderation is key. 
  5. Mix up your outdoor workout schedule. You don’t have to workout every day to lose weight. In fact, working out every day makes you more prone to injury, burnout, and weight gain. You want to factor in rest days. A good weekly routine would be to go for a walk or run 1-2x, cross train 1-2x, and then get out for a fun family 5k run/walk during the weekend. Mixing up your routine will keep you motivated and looking forward to your next workout. Another great tip is to look into a location-based mom’s group like Fit4Mom. This is a great opportunity to workout, spend time with your kiddo (while setting a good, healthy example), and be social!
  6. Sleep! I can not stress how important it is to make sure you get enough sleep. When you sleep, your body recovers from the previous day’s activities. As moms, we are so concerned about the amount and quality of sleep our children get, but often neglect our own. Try your best to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

What are your favorite outdoor fitness opportunities?  We want to know how you plan to stay fit and healthy this holiday season!  


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