At home under the desk exercise equipment to kick start your new routine


I really like to walk outside to get my daily exercise but, more often than not, it is too hot, too cold, or too dark to get outside for a walk that is long enough to burn a significant amount of calories. This is why I am so glad that Cubii sent me a home exercise machine that is portable and fits under my desk. I use Cubii to supplement my current exercise routine to make sure I am meeting my personal daily burn goal. And they make it so easy to get there! 


Let me tell you how cool the Cubii is! It is a low impact, portable elliptical machine that I can use at my desk while working on my computer AND I can use it when I am watching tv on the couch. My favorite way to use it is for just 5 – 10 minutes at a time, just to get my heart rate up a bit. If I do this a couple of times a day, I easily reach my exercise goals with no excuses, all while I multitask at other things.

Since it is portable, and my husband and I both work from home, we can share the Cubii desk elliptical, each taking turns to get in “our” time. The machine has an easy to use digital screen with different user options available. It also has Bluetooth capabilities, which allows both of us to keep track of our individual progress.


My favorite feature on the Cubii is that it is a low impact and gentle exercise for my sometimes problematic knees and back. Plus it has different settings available so I can change the resistance depending on my needs for the day. It really is a great machine for all ages and members of your household.  

There are a bunch of model options from Cubii. I am using the Bluetooth-enabled JR1. Here are some other reviews of this model here and here. And they also have a version that works more like a rowing machine called the Cubii Total Body. Here is a great review of that version too.  

Thank you to the marketing company Responsival for sending us the Cubii Jr to try out for ourselves. We love finding new exciting products that also help us reach our goals.


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