The Need For Me Time + a Facial


I can’t really remember when or why I started, but in high school I spent every Sunday finishing my homework and then jumping into my latest copy of Seventeen magazine.  I listened to my favorite music and treated myself to a mani/pedi. This was my opportunity to reset my energy and re-balance my focus since I was continually slammed with sports, school, and other activities. Fast forward to today, and I realize I didn’t understand what “busy” meant back then. Why would I not want to give myself the same opportunity to unwind and feel like myself again?

Why as mothers do we not allow ourselves the time to take care of ourselves? 

We are pushed and pulled in a million different directions every day, and the demands to be “everything to everyone” is an amazing force that hangs over us at all times. But at the end of the day, who is there to take care of us? Sure, we have the support of our spouses, our families, and our friends, but no one knows you better than you.

After the birth of my daughter I completely lost who I was. I struggled with postpartum depression and the anxiety I felt when I had to leave the house or even make dinner left me in a balled up mess of tears. I had so much guilt constantly overwhelming me that I constantly felt like I wasn’t doing enough for my newborn, was not there for my husband, and no longer was being a productive employee. After seeking help from my doctor and counselor I learned that I had to allow myself the chance to take a step back and get to know myself all over again. I needed to find a way to reset my system and re-balance myself. I do this by treating myself to a weekly “at-home” facial.

Me TimeSunday evenings have become my spa time. After football games, photo shoots, running around with my daughter, enjoying time with my husband, and getting my kiddo to bed this time is dedicated to no one else but me. Other women run, journal, read, or sew. For me, it’s a facial. This is my 30 to 60 minutes that I carve out for myself to turn off my phone, turn on my favorite tunes, and turn off my guilt. This is my personal judgment free zone. It’s taken a while to get there, but it’s finally a time where I completely turn my mind off. I get lost in the music (an awesome mix of One Direction, Macklemore, Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens, and Eminem) and pamper myself.

When I come out of the bathroom I am a whole new person. My anxieties are washed away and I can be the strong confident mommy and wife that I know I am. So, I challenge all of you moms out there to find your quiet place and a way to let it all go. Trust me, you will love who you are.

Here are my steps to the perfect “at-home” facial:

  1. Pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of herbal tea
  2. Play your favorite (or relaxing) music
  3. Cleanse + exfoliate
  4. Steam treatment
  5. Facial mask for 10-15 minutes – try this amazing all natural DIY pumpkin mask!
  6. Towel off the mask
  7. Use your favorite toner
  8. Don’t forget the eye cream!
  9. Apply serums/oils/lotion
  10. Look in the mirror and see the fabulous YOU!

What are your favorite ways to get yourself a little “me time?” What do you do to reset your system and find your balance?  Please share below!


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