Mommy Wins: When It’s Time To Celebrate Ourselves


Happy May ladies! This is our month to shine! With Mother’s Day just having passed, warmer weather, and visions of summer vacation dancing in our minds, it’s a good month to celebrate ourselves. As moms we know that each day is completely different. We never know what our tiny time bombs will do. No matter what your challenge or phase of life you’re in, we’ve all been there or we all will be there at some point soon. So, rather than dwell in the rough and tough side of motherhood, let’s celebrate all the amazing things we do! I’m calling these “mommy wins!”

So, what counts as a mommy win? Anything. Everything! It’s the little things that we take for granted. Day in and day out, we are master multi-taskers. Some of us stay at home, some work from home, and others head to the office. In the time, you are around your kiddo you are accomplishing great things – even though the munchkin(s) make you think otherwise. This month, take a moment each day to think of your mommy win. Give yourself the praise you deserve. A happier mom will, in turn, see a happier child, which makes the world a happier place.

Here are some simple examples of mommy wins:

  • I showered
  • My child put their shoes on
  • My child went poop on the potty
  • We made it to school/work/social function on time
  • We went an afternoon without a meltdown
  • I closed a business deal during nap time
  • I enjoyed brunch/lunch with my girlfriend(s)
  • I took a nap
  • My child tried something new today
  • First day without a blowout
  • Successfully started breastfeeding
  • Baby slept all night
  • My child had a great day at school
  • I did the laundry start to finish in the same day
  • My kids ate the dinner I made
  • Taught my baby sign language
  • Got my workout in for the day
  • Read a book

Now keep going! Enjoy your summer months, Mama. Start counting your mommy wins! You are doing an amazing job.


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