4 Perfectly Simple and Fun Spring Hairstyles


From the moment I learned that we were having a baby girl, I knew she was going to have a lot of hair and I was going to have some serious fun with it. As a kid, I taught myself how to do a number of extravagant hairstyles (my mom only knew the standard braid). By the age of three, my hair was down below my waist, and it was most commonly seen in either a braid, bun, or a braided bun. Now that my daughter is three and has hair to her lower back, and I have so much fun trying new and different styles. Doing her hair is almost therapeutic for me. Here are my tips, tricks, and steps to create four perfectly simple and fun spring hairstyles.


Step 1: Collect even amounts of hair on both sides (don’t gather hair from the middle).

Step 2: Use a hair tie to tie hair in a semi-loose pony tail.

Step 3: Flip pony tail up and loop it through the middle of where the two sides come together and pull down.

Step 4: Collect a little more hair from each side and loop that up and over the twist (this creates a fishtail look).


Step 1: Pull half of hair back into a pony tail.

Step 2: Split pony tail into two.

Step 3: Collect Hair from right side and pull across to the left side. Then collect hair from left side and pull over to right side. Do this 3-4 times.

Step 4: With still two sections pull from the right side into the middle and pull from the left into the middle. This will give you three sections to braid with.


Step 1: Start with one side and collect hair at the top of the forehead and splint into two sections.

Step 2: Cross the outer section over the inner section.

Step 3: Collect hair on the outside (by the face) to add to section 1.

Step 4: Take section 1 and cross over section 2.

Step 5: Collect hair to add to section 2 and cross over section 1.

Step 6: Keep going until you get to the center of the back of the head & clip to middle of head to hole while you do the other side.

Step 7: Repeat these same steps to create a twist on the other side.

Step 8: Tie both twists together in the middle.

Step 9: Separate pony tail into 2 sections.

Step 10: Collect a small amount of hair from the outside of the right section, pull it over to gather with the left section.

Step 11: Collect a small amount of hair from the outside of the left section, pull it over to gather with the right section.

Step 12: Repeat steps 10 & 11 to create the fishtail. Use hair tie to tie off the end.



Step 1: On one side of the head collect a small amount of hair at the top of the forehead.

Step 2: Split gathered hair into 3 sections.

Step 3: To create the “Dutch” braid you pull each section under one another. Cross right section under center section, then cross left section under center section

Step 4: Gather more hair from the outsides as you go. Continue till you get to the middle/bottom of the ear. Tie braid off with a hair tie.

Step 5: On the other side of the hair create a twist. Collect a small amount of hair at the top of the head and divide into 2 sections.

Step 6: Cross the section 2 over section 1. Collect and add hair to section 1 and cross over section 2. Keep going to create a twist to the middle of the back of the head.

Step 7: Use a hair tie to tie the Dutch braid and twist together (you can pull it centered if you would like, I like to pull it further to one side to create a “mermaid” look.

Step 8: With the remaining hair in the pony tail – split into two sections. Collect a small amount of hair from the outside of the left section, pull it over to gather with the right section. Keep going till you finish the braid and tie off with a hair tie.


Tip + Tricks

Q: How the heck do you get your child to sit still?

A: You know your child best and what will be a great distraction. Distraction is everything. This is usually the one time I allow her to play on the iPad or I do it while she’s watching her morning cartoons, eating breakfast, or reading books.

Q: Is it easier to style with freshly washed hair or day old hair?

A: I personally like doing my daughter’s hair the morning after a bath night. This is the best way for the style to stay put together a little longer. If she has a runny nose, then I will style it right after a bath just to keep her hair out of her face.

Q: How long does it take to do her hair?

A: The styles I do regularly only take five to seven minutes. Time is too valuable to spend all day corralling her hair. If I’m trying a new style, it will take a little longer.

Q: What types of styling tools and product do you use?

A: I like to use a standard detangling brush, classic all-purpose comb, two sizes of tiny elastic hair ties, and just a little hair spray to hold the style and tame fly-aways.

For more fun and inspirational hairstyles, including these easy spring hairstyles, follow my Instagram hashtag #emmabearcutehair.


Hair pictorial credits to crystalmood.com, parlordiary.com and buzzle.com


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