Importance of Taking Time for a Girls’ Weekend


Recently, five of my mommy tribe friends and I got away for an amazing, and much needed girl’s weekend. The entire time I kept pinching myself because I could not believe that FIVE moms (all with children between the ages of 4 months and 5 years) were able to step away from our busy lives. It was truly wonderful to spend time with these women, get to know them all better, and be free to be ourselves.

My biggest challenge with finding friends has always been that I don’t trust easily and I’m afraid for people to see all the different versions of me. Over the last four years of our friendship, I have bonded with each of these ladies during our normal, day-to-day lives. At times it was challenging with kiddos running around us and constantly having to pause a conversation to tend to our kids, but knowing they were feeling and going through the same growing pains of motherhood as I was made sealing the friendships rather simple. However, it wasn’t until I was able to step outside of my normal mommy mode with a girls’ weekend that I could really see these women for who they are while simultaneously allowing them to see me. 

Our girls’ weekend wasn’t about keg stands, bar dancing, or pillow fights. It was about finally letting down our walls, confiding in one another, enjoying yoga in the park, and further strengthening our desire to be there for each other.

Allowing myself the time to get away helped me clear my mind and ease my soul. At home I am wife, mommy, cook, cleaner, teacher, disciplinarian, family entertainer, fitness trainer, photographer, events planner, and runner. But outside of all that who am I? To have a weekend away from these duties helped me see what a fun, wild, free person I am in addition to those duties that may mask these other traits on a daily basis. 

The thing is, I know motherhood can feel isolating and we all have dark days. But try to find the time to get away for a girls’ weekend sometime. You need it and you deserve it. The house will not burn down and the kids will not go hungry. The house may be a little dirty when you get back, but you will be in a much better head space.


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