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Your Vaccine Questions Answered by an Expert

Thank you to our campaign sponsors at We Can Do This for supporting Phoenix Moms and the safety of our families. This content was paid for by the U.S. Department of Health and Human...

2022 Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts: Something for Every Mom

Mother's Day is going to be here before we know it. And if you need to pick out some special Mother's Day gifts for yourself (or drop some hints) or shop for your mother...
mission of mercy fun run

Mission of Mercy Spring Fun Run and Health Fair

With our beautiful weather it’s time to grab the kids and head outside! Join Mission of Mercy (MOM) a Phoenix-based nonprofit dedicated to providing free primary medical care and medications to those in need...
keep kids safer

Weekly Hacks to Keep Kids Safer Online

It’s never been harder to keep kids safer online. Ironic, isn’t it? The technology that has provided us more connectivity than ever before also opens digital doors that expose children to all kinds of new...

Adamo Microschool: Traditional, Digital, and At-Home Learning Combine

Microschools are gaining popularity in the Phoenix area as families search for flexibility due to the pandemic and the ever-changing variants. While some parents prefer remote learning in the current COVID-19 climate, others are...

Navigating the Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment Scheduler

For many of us who got our children ages 12 and older vaccinated last year, if it’s been at least 5 months, it is now time to start scheduling their booster shots. After the...

We CAN Do This: Our Experience with Covid-19 and Vaccines

The past 18 months have been a true rollercoaster for all of us, especially those of us with children. We have dealt with a completely upside-down world that none of us could have expected when we...
healthy pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy for You and Baby {Resources to Support New Moms}

Phoenix Moms is all about supporting women in every stage of motherhood. Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times, but COVID-19 restrictions and concerns can lead to missed appointments, additional stress, anxiety and...
air quality

Is your home air quality making your family sick? Here’s how to find out.

Air quality is an important factor in our day-to-day health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor indoor air quality can have a profound effect on health. Health effects of poor indoor air quality include: ●...

Finding childcare in your area

Finding childcare can be a nightmare. Luckily, a friend told me about Caribou and right after signing up, I was matched with stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) in my area who were ready to help out.  What’s...

Trunk-or-Treat Round Up: Plan Your Halloween Weekend Now!

Looking for fun trunk-or-treat events around town? We've got you covered. Truck-or-Treat North Valley Community Church October 29th 6 - 8pm Scary or silly, princess or superhero – put on your favorite costume and bring the whole...
tile and carpet cleaning

Tile and Carpet Cleaning {plus discount code & giveaway just in time for the...

We are expecting a full house this Thanksgiving and I am doing everything I can to get the house ready for One area that we have neglected over the past few years is...

What If My Child Is Injured in a Car Accident?

There is no feeling like it. The slow-motion sequence of a car coming at you too fast, followed by a heavy push, tires screeching, glass shattering, and silence. The shock of being in a...

The Importance of Investing in Our Kids, Communities, and Futures

From birth to five years of age, kids form more than one million neural connections every second. Yep, you read that right. One million every second. These years are the most impressionable moments of...

Effective at-home Kettlebell Workout for Busy Moms

Women and moms with a ton of responsibilities often find it difficult to make it to the gym every day. But the good news is that you can bring the gym home with the...
oral health

The Best Foods to Improve Oral Health

When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, it’s likely that you’ve had the basics drilled into your head from a young age: Brush twice a day, floss regularly and make twice yearly appointments...
klids safe and secure

3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe and Secure at Home

Whether your kids are home more due to virtual schooling or because summer is around the corner, there is always a chance of them getting into trouble. Making your home a secure environment can...
skin condition

Living with a Visible Skin Condition: 4 Tips to Maintain a Positive Body Image

The pressures of the idealized beauty standards are everywhere these days, making it difficult to maintain a positive body image when comparison is inevitable. This can especially be the case when living with a...
Prenda Amber Fenn

Prenda Microschool: A Day in the Life

This year I have been transported back in time to long division, and doing it the good ol’ fashioned way—on paper. You know, it’s the math that your Fourth Grade teacher insisted you would...

Bloom! {An event for new and expecting moms}

Are you a new mom or a soon to be mom? We would love for you to save the date on June 3rd for a virtual event created just for you! Join us for Bloom...
mother's day gift

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother's Day is going to be here before we know it. And if you need to pick out something special for yourself (or drop some hints) or shop for your mother and mother-in-law, we...

New Spiked Seltzer comes to Arizona {plus recipes}

Summer is coming and a poolside cooler of ice cold hard seltzers is the only outdoor activity that I look forward to when the temperatures are 110+ degrees. There is a new hard seltzer on...
summer camp

Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps in Phoenix 2021

Living in Phoenix means our hot HOT summers need to be filled with busy camp days for our kids. Because we know, if we don't plan our kids summers, we then become the "camp...

Easter Basket Ideas (2021)

Easter is just a few weeks away and we all know what that means....lots of chocolate bunnies, plastic grass everywhere and jelly beans. Here are a few new ideas of other items to put...

Join our Writing Team! {Open Call For Contributors}

We are looking for new & diverse contributors to expand our team of regular writers! We need local (Metro Phoenix area) moms who are passionate about our community and love to share stories and...
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