We CAN Do This: Our Experience with Covid-19 and Vaccines

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The past 18 months have been a true rollercoaster for all of us, especially those of us
with children. We have dealt with a completely upside-down world that none of us could
have expected when we first heard about COVID-19 in late 2019 and early 2020. Each
of us has had a ton of plans cancelled, learned new skills, and had to sort through
endless information about transmission rates and vaccine data. Quite frankly it has
been stressful.

The only glimmer of light where my family felt some sense of optimism is when the
vaccine was released. My husband and I both looked at the data, asked our friends
(who are doctors) and were thrilled to be able to secure our spots when it was our turn
for the vaccine. I finally felt like I could take a deep breath and not have to worry {as
much} about contracting COVID, getting really sick, and potentially infecting my
parents or other family members.

In October 2020, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with COVID, and I personally
saw how sick she got. She was a young, active child and she was sicker with COVID
than any flu or cold that I have ever tended to in the past. It was a stressful week of
fever and oxygen level checks, plus add on the constant fear of transmission to myself
or other family members. This was not a time in our lives that I would want to re-live,
and yet we were so lucky that no one else got sick and no one died.

I still worry about the long-term damage to her lungs and if I had the option to get her
vaccinated before she was exposed to COVID, I would have done so. And even though
she was already infected, I still did get her vaccinated as soon as she was eligible.
There is just no way to know how long the antibodies would stay in her system from
her previous exposure.

Even with her being vaccinated, I still worry about her being exposed to new variants
and what lifetime effects that could have on her already damaged lungs. She is so
young, and I hate to think about what this could mean for the rest of her life. But I do
know that I am doing everything I can to protect her and my other children by getting
them vaccinated.

Know the facts on COVID and vaccines

• Safety is a top priority. COVID vaccines are the most closely monitored
vaccines in U.S. history and are being monitored just as closely in children.
• Vaccines work. COVID vaccines help prevent severe illness and death from
• Side effects are minimal. In clinical trials, children had the same kinds of
temporary side effects from COVID vaccines that adults have.

Where can I find a vaccine for my child?

Vaccinations are easily accessible. Check with your child’s pediatrician to see if they are
offering vaccination clinics or sign up here. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect
our families and make life safer for everyone, and end this rollercoaster that we have all
been on for way too long.


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