New Spiked Seltzer comes to Arizona {plus recipes}


Summer is coming and a poolside cooler of ice cold hard seltzers is the only outdoor activity that I look forward to when the temperatures are 110+ degrees.

There is a new hard seltzer on the market called Sparkling Ice Spiked™. It is available in 4 fabulous flavors; Ruby Fizz, Cherry Lime Chiller, Strawberry Citrus Smash and Lemonade Refresher.

All of Sparkling Ice Spiked™ have zero sugar and only 80 calories per can. 

Find a case to try at our local Safeway and Albertson’s in the alcohol section. 

Here are a couple refreshing recipes we recommend trying on your next pool day. 

Pandemic Paloma

What you’ll need:

  • 8 oz Sparkling Ice Spiked™ Ruby Fizz
  • 1 oz Lime Juice
  • 1 oz Tequila
  • 1 oz Grapefruit Juice
  • 1 tbsp Salt

Grapefruit Wedge

How to make it:

  1. Rim glass with lime wedge and dip into salt.
  2. In an ice-filled cocktail shaker add tequila, grapefruit juice and lime juice. Shake well until combined and chilled.
  3. Fill glass with ice and strain in shaker contents. Top with Sparkling Ice Spiked™ Ruby Fizz. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge.​

The New Normal

What you’ll need:

  • 1 can Sparkling Ice Spiked™ Ruby Fizz
  • 1 oz Grapefruit Vodka


How to make it:

  1. Crack open a perfectly chilled Sparkling Ice Spiked™ Ruby Fizz.
  2. Take a delicious 1 oz sip. Add 1 oz of your favorite grapefruit vodka.
  3. Squeeze a grapefruit wedge and sprinkle mint on top if you are feeling fancy. Welcome to The New Normal.


Thank you to Sparkling Ice Spiked™ for providing product for Phoenix Moms to try in exchange for this sponsored post. We appreciate all of our sponsors.


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