Adamo Microschool: Traditional, Digital, and At-Home Learning Combine

Microschools are gaining popularity in the Phoenix area as families search for flexibility due to the pandemic and the ever-changing variants. While some parents prefer remote learning in the current COVID-19 climate, others are seeking schooling options elsewhere. Micro schools offer a solution with hands-on learning and quality education. If you’re a parent, who doesn’t see the academic and social benefits of your child sitting in a classroom with 30 or more students but want your child to be successful and in a safe and nurturing environment, a microschool allows for a stronger home school partnership where you as a parent is an active partner in your child’s education.
Adamo Education is the next evolution of learning and serves children in grades K-8 at our microschool in Fountain Hills with plans to expand later this year. We serve small groups of students in a highly personalized learning environment by encompassing typically no more than ten to 15 students which yields closer teacher-student relationships and helps to promote higher levels of academic success. The roles of teachers are significantly different in our microschool environment, as they focus on student-led learning and develop lessons and projects that help ignite a student’s passion for learning. Additionally, our microschool programs provide flexibility in how the program is delivered. Some students may come three full days a week while others may come three to four hours per day.
Adamo Education also combines the best elements from traditional, online, and home school education models to create a positive, personalized environment where children love to learn. Our teachers, and the knowledge and training they possess, help guide students in their learning, as well as academic and social development. All our teachers are certified, which helps to ensure the academic integrity of the instructional program, just like in a traditional program; however, in our microschool the teacher helps to create an individual plan for each student without having to worry about 30 students at once. They are purposeful, directed and work to meet the needs of all students. Social development is also enhanced as students learn collaboratively with peers outside of their typical aged peers, promoting greater social interactions and learning opportunities. There’s also a heavy emphasis on project-based, collaborative learning, and education is highly personalized.
Utilizing a digital platform, parents can not only see and access what learning takes place, but they help to reinforce it while not face to face with the teacher. You as a parent, are key in knowing what your student is learning and working directly with your child and teacher. The impact of at home learning activities and parental involvement will greatly bolster a student’s academic success. Through our digital platform, learning continues even when the student is not with the teacher.
While microschools were around before the pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis has catapulted them. Students continue to struggle with isolation, online programming, and lack of socialization while parents continue to be concerned about their child’s health and safety. If you’re a parent interested in a smaller and safer learning environment with fewer students, a microschool could be a perfect fit for your student as Adamo Education offers a safe, nurturing, and personalized learning environment. For more information or to enroll your child, visit or call 480-209-2429.


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