Mural Hunting in Phoenix: Let’s Get Colorful!


One of the lovely things about living in Phoenix is how much street art and murals we have! If you want to go mural hunting in Phoenix and have a great background for some fun photos or just appreciate a little public art, we are talking about some of our favorites for you to help you in your quest.

If you want to find a variety of murals in one place, head downtown to the 1 1/2 st. Mural Project. Located off Garfield St between 1st and 2nd St (get it? 1 1/2 st?), these first several images are all in one spot for you to enjoy! Pro tip: this is right by the Churchill so it is perfect to grab a bite to eat before or after!



mural featuring three black musicians that says black history matters

(Please note- the final picture that reads Black History Matters is technically located across the street from the rest of these murals- on the walls of The Nash!)

Sunflowers- Roosevelt Row Just off 7th St.
While the Welcome to Roosevelt Row mural directly facing 7th St. may be the most easy to spot mural, I’m partial to the one just around the corner that actually came out of a partnership with APS- birds and sunflowers! And since you’re in the area, be sure to check out Melt- one of our favorite places for ice cream!

Welcome to Phoenix: Located at Adam St. and 1st St, if you want to go mural hunting in Phoenix, you must add this to your list. This mural is HUGE and covers 190×10 feet! The pictures below don’t even include the section with the giant Gila monster…

Man in jeans pretending to be scared in front of a mural featuring a desert landscape and large coyote woman in a black dress standing in front of a city scape mural with cacti Brightly colored mural that says Welcome to Phoenix!

The Los SUNS and PHOENIX murals at 16th st. and Thomas: Check out the murals that grace the amazing Barrio Cafe, one of our must try Mexican Restaurants, that unfortunately closes the end of this month. The wait for food in the final month of this amazing restaurant  time may be long, but the murals are perfect for a photo shoot while you work up an appetite. 

Studio 108 Flowers: A more obscure stop for those mural hunting in Phoenix is another storefront mural that I am absolutely obsessed with is this cheerful flower mural that graces Cave Creek  just south of Cactus Rd. It is BIG and I am seriously debating taking some family pictures here.

Always Sunny in Scottsdale- inside the pool area of Hotel Valley Ho 
This mural has graced the Hotel Valley Ho pool for years and is the perfect way to document your staycation or make your East Coast friends jealous when you are still hitting the pool in late September…

two women in swimsuits stand-in front of a mural that looks like a postcard that says it's always sunny in scottsdale

Climb On- Black Rock Gym maybe the least conventional place for mural hunting in Phoenix, this mural is located at 32nd st and Shea, just across the street from one of our favorite coffee shops, 32 Shea. The colors are so lovely and the desert vibes are strong. 

mural depicting phoenix desert and a rock climber that says climb on

The Prince Mural: OK, to end today’s post on mural hunting, I suggest you head to one of the most suggested murals that came up over and over again- the Prince Mural at Roosevelt and the intersection of 15th and Grand Ave. The mirrored glasses are my favorite part!

Bonus: If street on a smaller scale is more your jam- be sure to keep your eyes open for upgraded electrical boxes around town! Peoria has done an amazing job of celebrating local artists by featuring their designs on electrical boxes and I’m starting to see beautifully painted boxes in areas around Phoenix too. I you find a favorite, please share it with us!

Good luck mural hunting! Our city is full of so much amazing art.


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