The person behind the counter


It all comes down to the person behind the counter. Take good care of the woman behind the counter. She is so worth it. – Jen Hatmaker, Mom 2.0 Summit 2023

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to publish this article. Can I blame it on being a mom? Can I blame it on the new pain in my arms and hands that has come with a fibromyalgia diagnosis? What if I blame it on the computer with the broken screen from a fork that was accidentally put on the keyboard before it was closed? 

Sure. I can blame whatever I want – but I love to write. I love to write and I’ve made many excuses for not sitting down and taking the time to write. 

Mamas, we are the person behind the counter. We are the Uber driver, the short-order cook, the schedule maker, the virtual assistant, and that is all before 8:00am. After 24 years of being a mom (yup, 24!), I can honestly say I need to take better care of the woman behind the counter. 

I’m not talking about a spa day or a self care pep talk. I’m talking about a sincere look in the mirror with a “thank you” attached to it. I’m talking about a few more “nos” when I’m asked to do the next optional thing. I’m talking about recognizing that the woman in the mirror really is doing her best – and a good job at that – not perfect, but really good.

I’m talking about saying “yes” to the things I love – writing, walking outside in the spring and fall when the colors are amazing, noticing the smiles on my children’s faces when they don’t know that I’m looking, and eating something truly incredible. 

I’m talking about finding time to do the things that fill me up – calling my friend, holding my husband’s hand, pulling out the watercolors, and listening to music with the windows down. 

Oh mama, take care of the person behind the counter. Take radically good care of yourself – She is so, so, so special!


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