Apps to Get More Money in Your Pocket!


I have to admit that as “Tech Savvy” as I consider myself, using my phone to pay for my items at the store has been something I did for the first time this month. Some might call me crazy, others still haven’t tried it! However, more and more stores are offering apps that not only save you money but GIVE you money. Here are some of my frugal favorites: 

Walmart- This has by far been my absolute favorite app so far!! Every time you shop there, scan your receipt into the “Savings Catcher” (Found under the services button on the home screen). This Savings Catcher compares the price of every item you bought. If they found a cheaper price, they GIVE you the difference. Yes, you read that right! That little fund can accumulate and you can use Walmart Pay at the register. I bought over $25 worth this week using my funds from scanning my receipts. I literally bought free groceries!! Make sure if you’re buying your prescriptions at Walmart, you’re also scanning your receipt for those.

Huggies Rewards- Every time you buy Huggies diapers or wipes at ANY store (including online), scan your receipt in the app. You will then receive points and these can be redeemed for more diapers or even gift cards to your favorite stores. Now, it does take some time to accumulate points. Just remember that you’re still getting free diapers or gift cards that you otherwise wouldn’t, just from scanning your receipt. Sorry if you’re not a Huggies fan, I’ve heard that Pampers also does a rewards program, I personally just haven’t tried it myself.

Ibotta– I know TONS of people who have received cash back through this app and love it! It does take some planning when shopping. The app requires you to select the deals you’d like to use. These deals are often for specific brand items or pairs of items. Here’s a few examples of what you might be able to use: $1.00 off Any Brand Toilet paper, $3.00 off any Frozen Pizza and Specific Beer brand (so you would have to purchase both to get the discount), $1.00 Rebate for Two Bottles of Specific Almond Milk Brand. So this one does take some planning with your shopping list and may require you to purchase specific brands over others. However, in doing so, you could get some serious cash stocked up! They allow you to scan receipts for a really wide variety of stores too.

Safeway– Holy smokes is this a good one! It goes far beyond the normal “club savings” at the register. This app connects with your phone number account that you use when checking out. When you shop you accrue points that unlock deals for you. Watch the app because they will literally give you offers for FREE food. Yes, FREE Mama! I’m talking a free loaf of bread, a free bag of string cheese, you name it. You can also view your gas rewards and exchange them for more food discounts. EXPERT TIP: Find a friend or family member to share an account with. Like maybe a relative who will punch in their number at the register, but isn’t tech savvy enough to take advantage of the phone app. Lookin’ at you Grandma! This way you will accrue more points and unlock more discounts and freebies. One final note: if free food doesn’t interest you, or maybe isn’t a need for your family, consider using the app anyway and giving to a family in need. We all know a family in our life that could use a few extra groceries now and then!

Target- Yes Ladies, your favorite! I know that many of you already have the app and if you don’t, download it now! This app is definitely great for saving you some money while you buy all the cute things. So there’s various aspects of the app. My favorite feature is being able to scan my gift cards and have them on my phone, now I don’t have to remember to bring the gift card with me. I can feel my wallet lightening already. Second, the app has two savings aspects. First, is the normal weekly Ads which you can select and add to your Target App “Wallet.” Second, is the “Cartwheel Savings.” These are coupons only available through the app and can’t be found in their leaflets or online. Some great examples I found this week are “Buy Two packages of diapers and receive a $10 gift card.” Serious SCORE!!!

Krazy Coupon Lady- This app has so many deals and savings, it will make your head spin!! It is filled with incredible prices and can send you updates for local deals and coupons as well. If you want to dive into the world of “Couponing”, this app almost takes the work out of it for you!!

Final Note: Don’t forget to stack these earnings and use them to your advantage! For example, if you buy diapers at Target during their gift card promotion (like mentioned above), you can still scan your receipt into the diaper reward app of your choice and ALSO get points to redeem for free diapers! 

Do you have a favorite money saving or earning app that we didn’t mention here?


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