Baby Items You Can’t Live Without


Having a new baby is such an exciting time. I remember spending hours dreaming about finally holding my baby after 9 months of pregnancy. I probably spent just as much time researching exactly what I would need once my baby arrived. There are so many really great products out there, but how did I know what I was going to actually need and use? 

baby itemsIt can be overwhelming trying to pick out the best gear for your new baby. So, today I am bringing you a list of the 5 baby items that you can’t live without! 

  1. Travel system. Obviously, you need a car seat. You cannot bring your baby home from the hospital without one. But something to consider is purchasing a travel system. When you buy the travel system, you’re going to get a better deal than if you were to buy these items separately. Another bonus when you buy the travel system- you won’t need to purchase a car seat adapter to make your car seat and stroller compatible. 
  2. Swaddle wraps. Babies like to be snuggled really tightly, just ask Cara from Taking Cara Babies. She’ll tell you that all babies, even the ones who you think don’t want to be, actually do want to be swaddled tightly. As sweet as these beautiful babies are, you’ll want your baby to sleep! It’s totally possible that your baby will be really good at breaking out of swaddle blankets so having a swaddle wrap that velcros the baby in snuggly will be a huge help in both of you getting a few hours of sleep.
  3. Sound Machine. I had no idea how much babies enjoy white noise until my sons two week well visit. We were at the pediatrician’s office and I was in tears begging our doctor to please make my baby sleep. She gently suggested a white noise machine in addition to a tight swaddle. That night I turned on the sound machine and it was like magic. My son slept the longest 4-hour stretch he’d ever slept. I could have kissed our pediatrician that next day! 
  4. Boppy Lounger. I got this pillow  at my baby shower and had no clue just how valuable this thing was going to be! It was so helpful to have a place outside of the crib to lay my son down for short naps. He spent a lot of time on this pillow the first few months of his life. I would lay him in this while my husband and I ate dinner or watched a movie together. Having him close by but also allowing me to not have a baby on me was convenient.  
  5. Baby Carrier Wrap. This is one item I did not have with my first two pregnancies and looking back, I really wish I would have had! There were periods of time that all I could do was hold the baby. He would cry if I put him down, cry if I tried to sit, he would just cry! I saw my friend wear her baby a lot and saw how content her baby was to be close to her mom. And my friend was able to still get things done. Of course, there are days when I still would rather sit and hold my baby while he napped, but being able to wear him in a carrier wrap while folding laundry or cooking dinner would have been so convenient. 

I think this is a really great basic list and I hope you find it helpful. Honestly, though, the gear and the clothes and adorable accessories are all fun. But once your baby arrives, all you really need are diapers and some onesies. If you are feeling stressed out or anxious about all the stuff, just know all your baby needs is you. Your baby will be so content in your arms and feeling your love. Enjoy those first few weeks with your baby. And if you find you really do need something, Amazon Prime is just a click away. You’ve got this, mama! 

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