Mom Hack: A Travel Snack Box


When it comes to traveling, having an endless supply of food and snacks is a must. During a long flight to Florida from Arizona I was prepped with tons of snacks for the long flight. I even had them organized in Ziploc baggies and portioned out for each kid. However, an issue I ran across was the amount of times I had to get out and put away food on the plane for both of my kids, not to mention the amount of trash this created.

Months later I came across another mom’s brilliant idea on Facebook that I tried and had to share with you; a travel snack box!

This plastic organizer box is marketed as a tackle box or craft/bead organizer but makes a great box for a lot of different kinds of snacks. It has removable dividers so you can portion different sizes and amounts of food. It had a lid that snaps on tight to keep from spilling in your bag.

There are many sizes and kinds to choose from on Amazon or at a craft store. I chose a clear 15 compartment from Amazon. This came in a pack of two organizers for just $15. You can view the one I picked from Amazon here.

It was helpful that they were small enough to fit in my backpack on the plane versus the 36 compartment organizer that you can also purchase. 

During our recent four hour flight, my kids loved choosing what they wanted to eat as they relaxed on the plane. I only had to get out and out away one thing for each kid and kept any trash in the box.

All in all, this box was a cheap investment and is something I will be using on many plane rides and road trips to come.


  1. What do you do with them when you get to your destination? I’m struggling with the idea of bringing 4 snackle boxes and toting them all around.


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