Jessica Schmeckpeper

Jessica Schmeckpeper
I live in Gilbert with my beautiful son Paul who is 5, my 2 year old son Finn, my silly pit bull Armani, and my amazing husband Ryan. We have been married 5 years but have known each other since middle school. He truly is my best friend and better half. I went to Arizona State University for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in education. I am about to start my 13th year teaching elementary school in Arizona. Helping and teaching children is a huge part of me. I love to play dodgeball. Yep, dodgeball. I mostly play recreationally and for fun.
A young girl smiling and waving as she gets into a car. She is wearing a white shirt and has a bright pink back pack.

Preparing for Back to School with Routine

As a young, childless schoolteacher, I remembered a great idea from one of my student's parent for future school years. Her words of wisdom for preparing for back to school with routine are something...

Taming Bedtime Craziness

We’ve always seemed to have a successful bedtime routine until recently. Our two boys, ages 6 and 3, have really changed over the years and it was time to adapt our bedtime routine. Each night...

Family Fun in Williams, Arizona

When planning a short fun-filled local vacation, Williams Arizona came up on my radar. Williams is considered the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon” with a mix of modern and past railways and trains along...

Mici Italian: A Family Friendly Affair

If you are looking for family friendly, well priced Italian food, then Mici Italian is a must try. This Colorado based, family-owned business just opened its first location in Gilbert, just south of Power...
snack box

Mom Hack: A Travel Snack Box

When it comes to traveling, having an endless supply of food and snacks is a must. During a long flight to Florida from Arizona I was prepped with tons of snacks for the long...
teacher gifts

Teacher Gifts They Will Love

There are many times throughout a school year that you and your child will want to show your teachers some appreciation in the form of a gift. There is even Teacher Appreciation Week coming...
easter egg items other than candy

Easter Egg Items Other Than Candy

An Easter egg hunt is something everyone looks forward to. However, after searching and collecting, kids joyfully open an egg up to find melted candy inside, or in some cases, candy covered in ants....
i love you

You Can’t Say I Love You Too Much

"I love you." These three little words that have so much power with your significant other hold just as true in a relationship with your children. This short phrase can’t be said too much.  I...

Technology Suggestions to Stay in Touch with Loved Ones

Covid really brought to the forefront the need for technology as a means to safely communicate from a distance. Luckily there has always been a need for it and there are so many things...
greet a dog

Teaching Children How to Properly Greet a Dog

One thing that has become evident as I have fostered and adopted dogs from the shelter is how many kids do not know proper etiquette to meet and greet a stranger’s dog. Seeing a...
responsibility chart

Responsibility Chart and Rewards for a Pre-K Child

Covid has really increased the time we spend in our house. Being constantly in the house with a baby and a four year old has been rough. My house was getting messy more often...
virtual learning

Tips for Virtual Learning Success

Covid 19 has really changed the landscapes of schools in 2020. One of the effects for schools is a move to virtual learning. This has been one the biggest and hardest challenges for students,...
free time

How to Spend Your Few Precious Hours of Free Time

No matter what age children you have, all parents lack free time. Time is truly the most precious gift as a parent filled with pros and cons. Our days are filled with household, work,...

Preeclampsia Discussion Part 2: Three Moms’ Experience

Picking up from last week, our three moms continue the conversation about preeclampsia. If you missed it, get caught up here. How did they treat your preeclampsia? Me: I was admitted to the hospital and taken...

Three Moms Share Their Experience with Preeclampsia

It is the season of life for me where a lot of my friends are getting pregnant and having babies. During the last few months two of my friends, days apart in their due...
parenting amnesia

Parenting Amnesia: Second Baby Syndrome

While sitting 9 months pregnant with my feet up, my husband and I shared our concerns, fears, and excitement about being a second time parent. While we know each child can and will be...
busy baby mat

Busy Baby Mat: Product Review

Being a busy mom on the go or a busy mom at home, there are times you need something to help keep the little one's hands occupied when they are expected to sit. The...
help your child get closure

Helping Your Child Get Closure for the 2019-2020 School Year

This school year will be one for all of us to remember. Most Arizona students headed off to Spring Break having no idea that they wouldn’t step foot in their classroom again for the...
human connection

Teaching Children the Importance of Human Connection

These last few weeks during the pandemic I have been on social media way more than I am used to. While sifting through a variety of information and misinformation, I have noticed one clear...
parent preference

The Sting of Parent Preference: When Your Kid Prefers Dad

The idea of preference starts at a young age. Babies prefer certain toys, sounds, foods ,and people. With my first child I never really put much thought into who he preferred since I was...
school closures

Moms Helping Moms: Childcare During School Closures

We have all seen it. We have all read it. Some Arizona schools are closing or extending spring break. These closures are piggy backing off most springs breaks and extending them by another week...

Proud Parent of a Transgender Child {Mother to Mother Interview}

The following interview was written by a local mom about a local mom. North Phoenix Moms supports all families in our community and we hope those that need to hear this message find it....

DOC Band Baby Helmets

At this point, you have probably seen an adorable baby wearing a white helmet when you have been out and about. This helpful helmet is called a DOC Band, and my 6 month old...
lucky to have a good husband

I am Not Lucky to Have a Good Husband, I Deserve Him

As I was driving to my hair appointment the other day my mind began to wander as it does in my rare lonely car rides. My mind swiped through some of the many reasons...

Tips for Moving with Young Kids

Ugh, moving is the worst. Even in the best of circumstances moving really is the pits. Add in two kids under 4, and you’ve got a tiring, long, few weeks on your hands. Even with...
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