3 Popsicle Recipes That Are Yummy And All Natural


Even though summer may be on the out, as back to school starts, we’re still certainly experiencing summer weather and we’ve all tried every way possible to cool off.  These are a few of my favorite frozen treats for kids, and since they’re natural popsicles, there’s no extra sugar to keep them bouncing off the walls (because, who leaves their house in this heat?).

3 Popsicle RecipesFrozen Banana Bar

 The first thing you need to do for your bananas is to stab them with a chop stick or popsicle stick to make them easy to hold while eating. We figured out if you cut off the top and leave the skin on it’s easiest to shove the stick in and then peel it after.  Once you have your popsicles prepped you can put them in the freezer for an hour or so while you melt the chocolate in a double broiler.  Don’t have a double broiler? That’s okay. Any large metal, ceramic, or glass bowl that will fit in a pot without touching the water will do.  Melt chocolate and allow kids to drizzle chocolate over frozen banana. When the banana is frozen the chocolate hardens faster, and it’s totally necessary if you’re dipping your banana into the chocolate as opposed to using the drizzle technique we tried.

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Then give the kids access to any toppings you want: crushed nuts, coconut flakes, slicked almonds, granola, and if you’re okay with candy ingredients, hard candies and marshmallows also stick well. Once you are finished with toppings, put the bananas in the freezer for about an hour or two to firm up and then enjoy!

Strawberry Lemonade Popsicle

This is one super simple recipe. Half lemonade, half coconut water and fresh fruit. I used strawberry lemonade we made earlier in the week (we have so much citrus from our trees). I like to make mine with agave or honey to avoid cane sugar, add some fresh strawberries, and coconut water, and you’ve got an ultra hydrating electrolyte-replacing popsicle.

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 And how cute are these tiki molds?!  You can get them here.

Breakfast Popsicle 

I love this one because I can let my kids eat popsicles for breakfast and they think it’s a reward (mom win!).  Take your favorite, or rather your kids’ favorite yogurt and mix it with fresh fruit and granola and then pour into the popsicle mold.  Make sure to tap the mold a bit to knock all the air bubbles out and then freeze.  Check back in the morning for a refreshing cool breakfast treat!

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Do you have any natural popsicle recipes that are go-to favorites in your home?  Please share!

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