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CRAYON DOT HEART (SUN CATCHER) – Valentine’s Day is coming! We are looking forward to celebrating love at our house. And we LOVE doing some crafting together so I wanted to share two quick, easy and fun crafts my daughter and I did this year for Valentine’s Day.

The first one is art using melted crayons. A grown up helper will need to be available as this craft does involve heat. Here’s how you do it. Draw a heart shape on a piece of paper. I had intentions of using this as a sun catcher so I used wax paper. However, that wasn’t the smartest idea, which I will get to in a minute. So I recommend you use just a regular piece of paper. Melt the tips of crayons just until they are soft. An adult helper should do this step! We used a candle, but you could also use a hair dryer or a hot plate. Just take care not to set the paper on fire! And keep the fire/heat source away from your kiddos! Once the wax is soft, dab the crayons on the paper making dots. We used lots of different colors but if you want to stick strictly to the valentine’s theme you could use shades of red and pink. Keep dabbing until your paper is covered. Allow to dry. Here’s why the wax paper may not be the best idea: wax paper is nonstick so the melted crayon bits don’t stick to it well! So if you decide to go this route, I recommend putting the wax paper between two pieces of contact paper before hanging it in your window. It will make a pretty sun catcher!

North Phoenix Moms Blog_Valentines Day Craft-3

HANDMADE HEART ENVELOPE CARD – The second craft we did is a sweet Valentine heart that can be folded into an envelope shape. We plan to send these to the grandparents. First, cut out a heart shape.

North Phoenix Moms Blog_Valentines Day Craft-1-3

Then write your message on it and decorate with stickers.

North Phoenix Moms Blog_Valentines Day Craft-2-3

To fold into an envelope, first fold in the sides of the heart.

North Phoenix Moms Blog_Valentines Day Craft-4-3

Then fold over the top and the bottom up to meet the top.

North Phoenix Moms Blog_Valentines Day Craft-5-3

Seal with a sticker (and a kiss!). I know the grandparents are going to love getting this special valentine in the mail!

North Phoenix Moms Blog_Valentines Day Craft-6-3

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope yours is filled with lots of love.

There are so many Valentine themed crafts out there! What are you doing to celebrate? Let us know if you have any cute craft ideas in the comments. And be sure to check out our  Pinterest (and my personal Pinterest)  for more inspiration.

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