How to Throw a Creative Kid’s Birthday Party


As moms, I know our weekends are filled with children’s birthday parties and they all tend to look a little something like this: we show up, the kids eat pizza, they hit a piñata, and they consume a ton of sugar and we are sent home with a goody bag. I know kids are pretty fond of all these items and a fun day with some friends! But why not break the mold, and add some unique and creative components to your party, to help make it more memorable for your birthday babe, and the guests? I just got done throwing my daughter’s second birthday party, and I wanted to share some creative ideas to to get your party juices flowing that our guests just loved!

1. Pick a Unique Theme. While your babe is young and doesn’t really care, pick a unique and fun theme for your party. Since my daughter was turning two, we picked “two-ti fruity” and had a fruit themed party. It was unique, fun, and really… who doesn’t love fruit?

2. Shop Local. I love supporting local businesses, and a few of my favorites that we used include Jillian Maddie Paperie, who has the most adorable party supplies such as these adorable pineapple plates and fruit colored silverware. We also used a local bakery, Lisa’s Sweet Treats to make her cake and adorable fruit cookies. If you talk to local businesses, they can help you find items that are fun and fitting for your theme of choice. 

3. Provide the Fun. 19 kids came to my daughter’s party. Whoa, how was I going to entertain that many kids ranging in ages 1 to 6 years old? We hired Super Tots and they brought this deluxe soft play area for them. The set up was huge, and full of soft/fun toys! I am pretty sure the adults barely saw their children, as it kept them contained and busy having fun for hours. You can find more information on their rentals here. They even set it all up and tore it down! The only work I did was open the side gate to show them where to set up (AMAZING!).  

4. Give Back. I know my 2 year old has so many toys and a closet full of clothes, so we decided to adopt a little girl through ROWAN. We sent out a message to our guests to donate in lieu of gifts, and we raised over $500 for this little girl, providing her with all of her basic needs for an entire year! It was amazing, powerful, and a creative spin to a traditional party full of gifts. You can see her campaign and learn about Zaina, the sweet girl we are providing for by clicking here to help inspire you for your next party.

5. Unique Hands on Activities for the Kids. I love unique takeaways for our guests! This year we had a fruity necklace and coloring station.  The fruity necklace station was a hit with adults and children alike! 

No matter what, have fun planning the party! Get the whole family involved and enjoy the special day celebrating your little one! 

PS- If you want to throw a two-ti fruity, comment on this blog with your email address and I would be happy to email you all the downloads I used to make this fruit party more festive!

Find some of the downloads here!

Photography by Shannon Lee Photography


  1. Thank you Cathleen! I am so glad I was able to email you the downloadable items. Let me know if you need anything else, and good luck on your fruity party!

  2. Hello! The theme for my daughter’s second birthday is Two-tti fruity! I’d love to get your downloads!

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Helloo, I’m not sure if you will see this but, my daughter will be 2 in April. I absolutely lovee this idea!! I would love your downloads if you still have them?

  4. Loved what you did! I’m planning to throw my little girl a twotti fruity party. Please send me some of the downloads you used!

  5. Ashley, could you please email me the coloring station and necklace making station signs 🙂 We are having her party this month in this theme. It’s so cute! Thanks

  6. Is there any way I could get the “Color your favorite fruit” printable and the “make a fruit necklace” printable?? I didn’t see them on the downloads page but would be willing to pay for the download if necessary! 🙂

  7. Hello,
    Are you still able to send the downloads for both the necklace and coloring activities? Would love these for my daughters Two-tii Frutti party!

  8. Hi! Can you still share your printables?? Love the necklace and coloring ideas! I was thinking of making an coloring station since I’ll have some 1 and 2 year olds at our party next month! So cute and easy!


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