Ripping up the To-Do List and Throwing it in the Trash


It seems like every year life gets busier and busier, and adding a new baby to our family this year has only intensified that feeling. I have always heavily relied on to-do lists to keep track of life and to give myself a feeling of accomplishment, even if on any given day I can only mark “get out of bed” off my list. However, for the month of October, I’m committing to quitting my beloved to-do list.

While reading a recent Forbes article, citing 15 tips from ultra productive people, the tip “quit to-do list” stood out as something that might just work for me. Now, if you’re like me and wondering how these ultra productive people can track and accomplish the tasks at hand without a to-do list, here’s their secret — if something is to take more than 10 minutes to complete, they will schedule time to do it on their calendar.


I read this and truly thought these people aren’t just ultra productive, they are geniuses! Not a day goes by each week where my to-do list doesn’t grow and I struggle to find time to take care of these necessary items. Before starting this challenge my approach to my calendar has always been to only put meetings or outings on my calendar. Since returning from maternity leave I also add drive time (if needing to go to another location) and pumping to my calendar, which has been helpful.

After thinking about these things, it made sense to me that I would schedule a 15 minute call to customer service or go to the vital records office to get my son’s birth certificate.  So, I pondered what that might look like in a more day-to-day scenario. Every week, I order my groceries through Fry’s ClickList service.  It’s a huge time saver but I’m sporadic in that I don’t schedule when it might get accomplished. This month I’m going to have a standing date at 8am on Sunday mornings to get my order completed, and then I know by noon I’ll be able to go pick up my groceries.  If I have this calendared every week, I may even be able to squeeze in meal prep on Sunday afternoons!

Now in theory this is going to improve my productivity greatly, but the results are still to be seen. Want to join me on this adventure? I’ll be posting about my experience on Instagram using the hashtag #nphxmomsproductivityproject. Join me!

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Katie and her husband have called North Phoenix home since 2009. Katie is fully embracing boy mom life, as the mother to an energetic 3 year old who is known to introduce himself by saying “Hi, my name is Colton, I have fast shoes.” Katie is also welcoming a brand new baby boy scheduled to make his arrival mid-April 2017. In her spare time you will find Katie searching out the best deals for anything and everything or trying out new apps, software, and products that will increase her efficiency so she has more time to partake in her favorite activities: relaxing with her boys, taking power naps, and learning new skills! As someone who loves school and plans to be a lifelong learner Katie received her Bachelor of Science in Individualized Studies: Business & Marketing Education from Central Washington University in 2008 and then continued her studies at the University of Arizona where she obtained her Master’s in Higher Education with an emphasis in Access & Success in 2010. While working at ITT Technical Institute Katie was able to earn her MBA in 2012. She is an educational professional with almost 10 years experience in Career and Technical Education and Higher Education. She is passionate about assisting individuals in gaining success through access to education and career opportunities.



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