Katie and her husband have called North Phoenix home since 2009. Katie is fully embracing boy mom life, as the mother to an energetic 3 year old who is known to introduce himself by saying “Hi, my name is Colton, I have fast shoes.” Katie is also welcoming a brand new baby boy scheduled to make his arrival mid-April 2017. In her spare time you will find Katie searching out the best deals for anything and everything or trying out new apps, software, and products that will increase her efficiency so she has more time to partake in her favorite activities: relaxing with her boys, taking power naps, and learning new skills! As someone who loves school and plans to be a lifelong learner Katie received her Bachelor of Science in Individualized Studies: Business & Marketing Education from Central Washington University in 2008 and then continued her studies at the University of Arizona where she obtained her Master’s in Higher Education with an emphasis in Access & Success in 2010. While working at ITT Technical Institute Katie was able to earn her MBA in 2012. She is an educational professional with almost 10 years experience in Career and Technical Education and Higher Education. She is passionate about assisting individuals in gaining success through access to education and career opportunities.
baby food

What You Can Do with All of That Leftover Baby Food

My youngest will be turning 1 year old in April and somehow I still have a basket full of store-bought puréed baby food sitting in my pantry. We took our time introducing foods due...
role play

When Drama Pays Off {Role Play to Ease Anxiety}

Each day our children are learning and growing, getting to interact with new people, places, and experiences. Some days my kids meet these new activities with open arms (Children's Museum? yes, please!), but other...

5 Tips for Food Allergy Friendly Feast

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays -- sweater weather, red cups at Starbucks, finally getting to spend time outdoors again, and let’s not forget all the delicious food! For families with food allergies,...
mom fixers

To the Mothers Who Are Fixers of Everything, All the Time

Do you ever get to bed at night and look back on the day you had and think things like: Only a mother could accomplish all of that…” Boy, they have no idea how lucky...

6 Reasons You Should Attend a North Phoenix Moms Blog Event!

Are you planning or preparing for a new baby to join your family soon? Did you know it’s never too early to start participating in North Phoenix Mom’s Blog Events? As an expecting first...

Science Center Membership Benefits, and More!

Throughout the year, it’s nice to have an indoor escape that you can seek out with your kids in tow. One of my family’s favorite places for this is the Arizona Science Center. In...

Sanity Saving Tips for Making the Most of Maternity Leave and Beyond

In April 2017, my youngest child was born and so began maternity leave. While it had been over 3 years since I had last taken maternity leave, I knew that it could go by...

Haircut tips for toddlers & kids

One of the biggest surprises to me as a Boy Mom was how often and how expensive haircuts can be for such small amounts of hair! It seems like with my two little guys...

Ways You Can Save Time and Money at the Grocery Store

Sundays do not revolve around meal planning at my house, and I’ll admit that sometimes it really shows. The end of each work day usually ends with my husband and I texting back and...

How to Enjoy an Affordable Weekend Getaway in Arizona

Arizona can be one hot tourist destination (see what I did there). Phoenix locals know, however, that it’s easy to beat the heat and travel as short as an hour to have the opportunity...

The Best Baby Proofing Items You Need to Get

In the last month my youngest has gone from a satisfied sitter to a cruising crawler who has his sights set on anything not baby proofed. Tipping hazards and electrical cords were the first...

3 Reasons to Celebrate with Holiday Pajamas

The busyness of the holidays can be a huge stress. Decorations to hang, parties to attend, elves to hide, you name it. The expectations for creating the perfect day for your family can be...

How to Use Social Media for Your Baby Registry

This past April our youngest son was born, and while there are only 3.5 years between him and our older son, I could not believe the changes that had happened in baby items over...

When Your Two Year Old Travels Without You

What if you had the chance to book a trip that would be incredibly memorable for everyone in your family but it meant you and your husband were boarding one plane and your two...

Ripping up the To-Do List and Throwing it in the Trash

It seems like every year life gets busier and busier, and adding a new baby to our family this year has only intensified that feeling. I have always heavily relied on to-do lists to...

5 Job Search Tips from a Professional That Will Help Your Student

Do you have a student in high school? If so, the conversation around the dinner table may likely be about your kid's next steps - will they continue on and pursue further education, join...

The Not-So-Glamorous Reality That Is #MomLife

On the day before I was scheduled to return to work after 12 weeks of maternity leave I had a list of 3 simple steps (don't worry you're not the only one who is...

Insight on How to Make Pumping Pleasant and Efficient

Big Daddy Kane said it best “Pumpin' ain't easy”... Ok maybe he actually said pimpin' but obviously he hasn't attempted to extract milk from his nipples at all hours of the day or night...

How to Avoid the Heat and Workout in the Summer!

If you’re like me, the official start to summer in Phoenix begins when temperatures are topping out in the triple digits throughout the week... well before the rest of the country. As the mom...

How Hidden Perks of Museum Memberships Save You Money

Last summer in an effort to beat the heat and save money, our family purchased a Groupon for the Arizona Science Center. The offer provided unlimited visits for a family of four from Memorial...

How to Save Money While Eating Out

One of the biggest surprises for my husband and me, when we entered parenthood, was the sticker shock of the cost of daycare. Nobody warned us that we would be paying almost the equivalent...
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