I took my son to get his hair cut last night and it turned into somewhat of a negotiation between him and our stylist…  As I sat there watching my 5 year old tell her exactly what he wanted, I wondered to myself… Am I doing this wrong? Should I be letting him pick out what he wants or should I have more say in it?  Let me stop right there and say that my hairdresser is a hair rock star so I knew that what Grant, my son, was telling her was more of a suggestion rather than a direction.

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But now back to my question… As parents should we allow our kids to choose their hairstyle, I mean we let them pick out their outfits don’t we?  I, personally, think that if you give your child the right tools in life they will not only feel more confident, but learn independence. Is a hairstyle one of those tools?


Now, you may be wondering how my 5 year old could possibly have any idea of what he wants done with his hair. Well let me tell you how I make this happen… I go through sites like Pinterest and Google to find styles that are trending and show him, by the time we get to the salon he has ideas of what he liked from the images he saw. Another, easier idea would be to just go see my stylist; she is nothing short of amazing with not only children’s fashion but also with adult styles. {PLUG ALERT} She is located right off of 59th Avenue and Utopia in the Vivaldi Salon Suites. Her name is Melissa Welker and she can be reached at 623-640-2720. She is AHHH.MAZE.ING and can be found on Instagram at #matriarchsalon


These are a few places that I go to find cute cuts for my son, please feel free to take a look and see if anything catches your eye.

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