My name is Kristi and I am the owner of Truly Unique Baby Goods, a shop that focuses on children’s goods. I make one mean tutu and handmade jewelry for the little ones in your life! I am also passionate about styling my kids on a budget as well as getting creative and cutting costs at the grocery store. I love to cook for my family and bake cakes that I imagine to be proudly displayed at a fine bakery shop. But most of all, I cherish family time and seeing smiles on my kid’s faces and hearing my husband tell me that he missed me while I was at work. So I what will you see in my posts? There will be a range of topics from saving money to yummy recipes and most certainly budget-friendly kids fashions.
kid's closet

Surviving Your Kid’s Closet: Making Sense Out of the Chaos

  From time to time I find myself staring into my kid’s closet and thinking ‘How am I ever going to organize this mess?!’ Light Bulb Moment I got the idea to make it kid conducive. First...

“Not The Hair!” – Uncle Jesse

It's Hairstylist Appreciation Day! Some people take theirs for granted, others live by their advice! Feel the top of your head… is there hair up there? If so, you have someone to thank because today...

Spring Is Here… Now What To Wear?! – Kids Edition

  I received products from the local shops listed in this post. As always my opinions are my own. Spring is here and I thought it would only be appropriate to blog about some super cute...


  I took my son to get his hair cut last night and it turned into somewhat of a negotiation between him and our stylist...  As I sat there watching my 5 year old tell...
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