When Should You Stop Testing for Pregnancy?


Getting pregnant can be hard. I can hear the laughter of those who know I got pregnant with Melody the first time I did “the deed” on my wedding night. Fast forward to the present day, and we have been trying for six months to get pregnant with our second with no luck. I am here today to give you all some unsolicited mom advice… Stop taking pregnancy tests. You read that right, just stop. Forget they exist. Here is why: 

1. Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems- I tried to calculate how much money I have spent on pregnancy tests in the last six months. Let me just say, I couldn’t because I bought too many to count. But what I did calculate came out to a trip to Disneyland for my whole family. Disneyland. The happiest place on earth, I could be there right now if I didn’t waste so much money on sticks we get to pee on. But here I am watching Hulu with a trash bin full of wasted tests. 

2. False Hope- Something that I notice as I have taken more tests than I can count, is they always gave me a false sense of hope. I often took tests way too early and would reassure myself that I was pregnant just that it was too early to be read on a test. This led me to take even more tests, which leads to my third point. 

3. Heart Break- This is the biggest reason I refuse to take pregnancy tests any longer. Every time I get the little negative, “not pregnant” or a single line I am so heart broken. I think pregnancy tests can be great, they sometimes bring us relief and sometimes bring us great joy. But for those struggling to get pregnant, they can bring grief. This month I was sure I was pregnant. I thought every little thing was a symptom. This month alone I have taken ten pregnancy tests, each time bringing me either false hope or heart break.

Stop Taking Pregnancy Tests

I know I am bound to take another pregnancy test in the future. I know I will miss another period for the 100th time in my life and take a test. But I am vowing to wait. To not focus all of my energy, time and money. Heck, I’ll even hashtag it #SayNoToTesting or #NoTestingJune or whatever month it is. (I’m obviously bad at hashtags, but you get the point.)

Here’s to #NoTestingJune! 


  1. I love this! I think it’s important to just live and not worry too much about it. My first I made it too technical trying to get pregnant and having negatives. It wasn’t good mentally. Love everything you put on this!


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