Party Jungle: Phoenix Spotlight and Giveaway


“Yes, this is what I want to do for a living; put smiles on kids’ faces.” This sentiment has echoed from the heart of California native, Rich Luboviski, for over a decade. A creative akin to Walt Disney with a mind for mechanical engineering, Rich’s love for bringing loved ones together started from an early age. His family-owned business that specializes in creating high-precision measuring tools set the tone for many hours of hard work and play, not only for his family but for his employees as well. It became a place where everyone could let loose, come together, and enjoy the plethora of video games and pinball machines during break time. At the challenge of his amateur race car driving friend, Rich even created a go-cart race track around the factory where he and his young daughter could enjoy quality time together. 

Armed with the knowledge of industrial equipment and with family and fun at the forefront of his mind, Rich began researching amusement parks. “My father, who passed away before we opened, was the king of one-liners. One of my favorites was: ‘In business, you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.’ Another dear friend from Maine who helped with our business plan said, ‘Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Copy someone who’s already been successful.’” Rich followed that advice, added his own twist, desiring to keep that close-knit family feel, and that is how Party Jungle was born and found it’s home in Phoenix. 

Melissa Nathan-Nakatani is the GM. She shares Rich’s vision in that they desire each employee to invest in the fun atmosphere they have worked hard to create. “We are more than just a play place. We know that our staff makes us such a special establishment. We make sure that every new hire is ready to have fun and interact with our guests. They must have integrity and love kids. To us, that is the most important thing. We can train them in our processes, but they have to have fun while they are here, or they are in the wrong place! We truly try to lead by example and utilize positive reinforcement, coaching, and ensuring that our employees know we will never ask them to do something we haven’t done or won’t do ourselves.”

Not only is Party Jungle a multi-award-winning indoor amusement park, but it is one of Arizona’s safest and cleanest, using state-of-the-art sanitation practices that help keep families healthy and safe. Party Jungle caters explicitly to ages 2-10. They offer five carnival-style rides, mini-golf, laser tag, indoor play equipment, party rooms, cool floor art interaction, snack bar, free guest wi-fi, and games galore!

Though there are big dreams for Party Jungle’s future expansion, Rich says there is nothing in their park for kids over ten-year-olds on purpose. “Most parks want the most extensive range of ages they can accommodate. Many have attractions for young kids, teenagers, and adults. We noticed kids over ten struggle with patience and often trample over littles. In our experience, six to ten-year-olds still seem happy to help with their younger siblings.”

Rich shares that Party Jungle is a family park. “We will never sell alcohol, though I love wine. We will never have a TV with the game on, though I love sports. We will never have trampolines because I cannot have broken bones or pain and suffering at our park. We will never have a ball pit, even though I love diving into a pile of leaves. I can’t clean and sanitize them sufficiently. If these are the things you want, there are other parks for you. If you’re going to drop off your kids, there are other parks for you. If you’re going to have a drink and watch the game while your kids run around, there are other parks for you. Party Jungle is the place for parents to engage fully with their kids. That is who we are.”

Even though pandemic times have been difficult, Party Jungle’s loyal fan base has continued to grow. With a household membership of $10 per month and no time restrictions, Party Jungle is the place to be! Even “Blippi” gives two thumbs up —check out Party Jungle’s over 842 MILLION views from his visit on Youtube and bring your family for a day of fun!

Party Jungle

  • Address: 12046 N. 32ndStreet, Phoenix, AZ 85028
  • Phone: 602.923.9444
  • Hours: Wednesday — Sunday 10 am-6pm, closed Monday & Tuesday
  • Cost: $15.95+ per child or $9.99+ recurring household monthly membership plan.
  • Caters to ages 2-10.

Are you ready for the giveaway. Leave a comment below for your chance to win a prize package of free daily admission for 4 kids (adults are always free!). Winners will be notified by January 7, 2022. Good Luck.


Thank you to Party Jungle for sponsoring this content and giveaway.


  1. My son had his birthday party there two years in a row. Great for preschool/kindergarteners for sure! I appreciate that they monitor how many times you go on the spinning rides.

  2. Our little ones are just at the age where this is going to be so fun for them. I love understanding the ideas behind it all. Thx!


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