10 Not So Helpful Realizations of a New Stay-at-Home Mom


Oh Tassia, sometimes your optimism really sets you up for a reality slap. Yes, I am the glass is half full kind of girl. Sometimes this can be a problem, when I overestimate or even underestimate a situation. Like that time when I was pregnant with twins, but not yet a stay-at-home mom. My husband would whisper “My life is over” every time we would discuss anything about the twins. Maybe not every time but it felt like every time. I would follow said comment with an eye roll, smack of my lips, a mumble about how pessimistic he was and continue on with the discussion. However, in his defense; the life he knew, I knew, we knew and even Kaiden knew was in fact over.

Back to our original way of life being over. We went from both parents working outside the home to my husband becoming a stay-at-home dad. His entire salary was the total cost of childcare for all 3 kids. Kind of made the decision a no brainer. We quickly realized we were not comfortable sending one of the twins to daycare due to her feeding difficulties. So, for 2 years we navigated life, parenting through all of the unexpected ups and downs. Fast-forward to 2021 I left my job to be a stay-at-home mom. This was not a decision I came to easily. I thought about this for at least a year if not longer. Here’s what I learned in the short time since leaving my job, becoming a stay-at-home mom, and starting to build a business.

Stay-at-home mom bosses totally rock

I have yet to find my stride in managing the kids and finding time to work on the business. If you are a stay-at-home mom with a business please share your tips. Sincerely, Struggling Mompreneur. It really does take some planning and strategizing in order to find time to work on yourself and your business.

Stay-at-home dads are pretty awesome too

As I transitioned into my new role my husband’s structured schedule was destroyed in a matter of days. He really loved his schedule. I am not very good at schedules and routines but I have found one that works for me and the kids. Some men battle with being a stay-at-home dad as society tells them they should be out working. I find that the kids develop a good sense of team work when parents share rolls.

Just a mini-identity crisis

In the first couple months of being home I went through a variety of emotions. You know all those hats you wear? What happens to you when you lose a hat? Do you walk around searching the hallways or do you buy a new one? How do you feel when you lose a hat? Don’t worry the kids won’t let you feel any way for long so run if they are being quiet.

Kids do not have an off button

I don’t know why I thought they had an off button but I found out quickly, they do not. No, I didn’t really think they had an off button but I did hope that they would give you a few minutes of quiet. Oh, no! Are your kids quiet again?

How to get away

Turn on their favorite show. Then feed them. Tip Toe away silently. Hey! Be quick, you only have about 5 good minutes before someone screams!!!

Picking up toys is pointless

At the time of this writing, I was looking at a floor full of toys that I forgot to have the kids put up. So why does it feel like clean up time is more work for me than the kids?

School drop off and pick up requires a vision board and maps

15 minutes early = 45 minute wait

15 minutes late = 5 minute wait

45 minutes late= phone call

I rested more when I worked outside the home

This is really just to emphasize how naive I was such a short time ago. I do not in fact have time to rest since I left working full time to work full time 2.0.

Kids breakfast time is way earlier than mine

I understand how moms forget to eat. After preparing the kids meals, delivering the meals, prepping for cleanup, and then cleaning up the meal, 8AM is now noon.


I am going to start walking up to people in stores and say things like; “Yes!” “Do that!” “Buy that!” “You got this!” Why, you ask? How many times do you say; “No!” “Don’t do that!” “Not buying the toy.” “That’s not yours!” “That is not food.”

Now that I have had time to adjust…oh who am I kidding, I have not adjusted. I do have a plan that seems to get foiled daily. In the words of Pinky and the Brain, “What am I going to do today? Try and take over the world.” I think I just dated myself. Hope these not so helpful realizations help. 


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