My Top 5 Favorite Things to Eat at the Renaissance Festival

top 5 things to eat
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This time of year is one of my favorites!  The weather is lovely and there are tons of local spring events taking place!  One of my favorites to attend with my family is the Renaissance Festival.  It is such a wonderful place to people watch, shop and EAT!!!  Being a bit of a foodie, one of the first things that came to mind when planning our day to the festival was what were we going to eat?  For those of you who have never been or those that are just wanting some recommendations on what to eat, here is a list of My Top 5 Favorite Things to Eat at the Renaissance Festival.  

renaissance festival1. Roasted Almonds 

One of the first stops we make when entering our day of fun and feasting is the fresh roasted nuts stand!  We pick up a medium or large bag of delicious cinnamon roasted almonds and munch on it all day long (or until it’s gone!).


renaissance festival



2. Giant Pickle

When asking my son what he wanted as a treat (they have chocolates galore and a bakery!)  he chose a pickle!  I only had a nibble of this non sweet treat but the pickle was both delicious and easy on the pocket!

renaissance festival


3. Soup in a Bread Bowl

I love the broccoli and cheese bread bowl and was fairly certain this would be what I would be ordering for my lunch.  I was questioning myself with so many delicious options, as this is a simple soup dish.  But when lunch time rolled around, do you want to know what the longest line was?  The soup line.  And every person before and after me ordered exactly what I did: a broccoli and cheese bread bowl.  So I think it’s fair to say that this dish is a FAN FAVORITE!

renaissance festival4. Turkey Leg

When going to the Renaissance Festival I know a lot of meat lovers who immediately think turkey legs!  And my son was no exception.  He could not wait to get his hands on and seek his teeth into this carnivorous delight! 


5. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Being a chocolate lover I knew I wanted to get something to satisfy my sweet tooth and this bowl of chocolate covered strawberries didn’t disappoint! It was the perfect way to end our day at the Renaissance Festival

renaissance festival

What is your favorite thing to eat at the Renaissance Festival?  Let us know in the comments below. 

To learn more visit their website and follow them on Facebook + Twitter!  Post your foodie adventures while at the Arizona Renaissance Festival using hashtag #nphxmoms!  



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