Gardening in Phoenix {Trying My Green Thumb}


Who says you can’t garden in the desert? I planted my first fall garden in Phoenix in 2011. I honestly didn’t do much research, just went to a local nursery, picked up some small plants according to what sounded good at the time, and planted them in our ground on the side of our house.

Gardening in Phoenix

Since then, I’ve done some (a little…I need to do much more, and if you have tips/thoughts/suggestions/links for me leave them below!) research. In this series {Trying My Green Thumb} I will basically share with you what I’m learning each month about gardening here in the valley. I will also be sharing links to other bloggers/gardeners who actually succeed in gardening here and are not just in the attempting to garden phase.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far. We live in a hot, dry environment. Really? you ask. Yes, it’s true. So a few steps need to be done to help our gardens here grow.

  1. Plan on watering A LOT. Calculate this into your water bill budget.
  2. Prepare your soil with compost and good soil (use a raised garden bed if possible)
  3. Know when to plant what.

You can get City of Phoenix composters made from old garbage cans at a city disposal facility for $5! If you’ve done any research on composting, you know this is an amazing price! Click here for a helpful website about composting in the desert.

If you aren’t sure when to plant, check out this awesome site where you can enter your zip code and it will tell you what to plant THIS week, and give you tips on how to plant them.

If you love tomatoes, now is the time to plant them here. Check out this local gardener/bloggers site, Five Little Homesteaders, for some tips and products to grow great tomatoes this spring!

Good luck with your green thumb!

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Elisa is a native Arizonan by birth and a Seattleite by heart. She is a wise, spirited woman who loves feeling the sun on her face, but also enjoys cold rainy days, complete with a cup of coffee and a good book or conversation. After graduating with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and seeing clients for a time, she took a hiatus to love on, play with, and offer copious amounts of hugs to our little girls, Malia and Jayden. She is now back working at Socorro Counseling and Consulting in Downtown Phoenix. Unafraid to laugh at herself and able to see the beauty in others, she makes everyone feel at ease, making her a genuine friend, therapist, and wife. Give her a cute pattern and a sewing machine or some spray paint and a piece of furniture and they are surely to be transformed into some warm piece of art that brightens our living space. She also finds creativity in cooking, making household cleaners, and anything Pinterest. In short, Elisa is stylish, wise, thoughtful, creative woman who makes everyone around her a better person, including her husband (who wrote this bio).


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