Easy Way to Regain Your Color


Flamingo parents lose their pink color as they feed and care for their chicks and regain their color when their chicks become independent. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait until our kids are eighteen or out of the house to regain our color. But, if it has been a while since you’ve thought about what makes you “pink” and vibrant, you can start with a Madlib-style exercise called “Hello, Me”.

This is all about you and just you. Don’t overthink the answers, but also don’t rush through this. You may need to take a moment, perhaps at your favorite local coffee or tea shop, to hear that whisper of a voice that’s been quiet while you are focusing on raising your kids.

Hello, me!

Hello, my name is ________________________. I’m a ____________________________ and a ________________________ who creates _________________________. I believe ________________________________.

My favorite color(s) is ___________________. My go-to drink is ____________________. The best kind of meal is ______________________. My dream place to travel alone is _____________________. My favorite travel people are __________________________.

I’m happiest when wearing _______________________. My favorite flower is ___________________. The book I recommend __________________________. I love having _____________________________________________________playing on my headphones.

I adore _______________________. I could spend all day _________________________. I’ve always wanted to __________________________________. I always crave _________________________.  I light up when it’s time for _______________________. Few people know __________________________ about me.

I am fantastic at ________________________.  My life’s passion is to _________________________. My greatest role in the world is ___________________________. I want to be remembered at 100 years old by the people I love most as ________________________, and those who know me at large as _____________________.

I feel beautiful when  _______________________. People I love describe me as _________________. I’d love them to describe me even more as _________________. My unique personality is _______________________________.  These people _________________________________ support me unconditionally. 

Have some fun with this, and write down all of the other things that come to mind while thinking about your answers. If you find this challenging, that’s okay, too. Sometimes, we have to let these ideas swirl around until we catch ourselves on a walk or in the shower thinking about all the things that make you, you.

Let us know if you found this fun or what else you added.

If you would like to print this out to work on, click here.


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