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Tara O
Tara knew being a mom would change her life forever. And, just a few years into being a mom, she realized that she was a hot mess (or a spicy disaster). Her go-to tactic of ‘do more’ left her exhausted and disappointed. Tara knew she had to find a way out of the fear, doubt, and overwhelm inherent in raising children, especially children with ADHD, anxiety, and gifted diagnoses. Thankfully, she did, and she’s dedicated to sharing her methodology with other moms who are raising spirited kids. Even though things feel broken, her approach isn’t about “fixing” mom or child. For more information about her approach, coaching programs, or to schedule an initial conversation, check her out at www.dramafreeadhd or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Connect With Your Teen Through Music

As a parent, you've probably experienced the baffling look on your teenager's face when you start singing the music that played during your own teenage years. Especially when you start singing along with the...

The Nuance of Swearing

Swearing: whether it is an under-the-breath utterance or a bold and clear f-bomb, swearing has an interesting place in the life of an adolescent. Swearing is another one of those behaviors that is often...

Unique Gift Experiences for Moms

Answering the question - “what do you want as a gift?” during the December holidays can be tricky, especially since moms are often the point person for purchasing gifts for others - their children,...

Easy Way to Regain Your Color

Flamingo parents lose their pink color as they feed and care for their chicks and regain their color when their chicks become independent. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait until our kids are eighteen...
Fall Becoming Too Much?

Fall Becoming Too Much?

Are you someone who isn’t excited about the ‘Fall Y’all’ Season? The swim clothes and summer toys are barely put away (or even still in use) and the stores are filled with pumpkin spice...

Could Tantrums Actually Be Good?

As moms, few events are as exasperating and draining, let alone baffling, as tantrums and meltdowns. They seem to happen at the least opportune time, and society tells us that these emotional outbursts are...
Elementary age kids playing games together in a classroom.

Back to School: Icebreakers Anxiety

Icebreakers and getting-to-know-you games are going to be a major part of the first week of school. For some kids, this is the worst part of going back to school (this and all the...

Why “Best” Isn’t Always the Best

In our society, the word "best" is often thrown around casually. From product reviews to personal preferences, we're constantly bombarded with claims of what is the "best" option. And, this makes sense - we...

Summer Stress on Moms

Summer can be a major source of stress for Moms. While we’re bombarded with images of family vacations, lazy days, fresh fruit, and happy smiles on TV and social media, the reality may be...
A lady holding a beautiful green plant up in front of her face.

Keep Mother’s Day Green and Stress Free with Houseplants

Mother's Day gifts can often cause a lot of stress both for you as the receiver and the giver. There is one gift that keeps on giving- houseplants. Houseplants are a great way to...
An alarm clock, set to 8am, against a white background

The Power of White Space in Your Calendar

Being busy is often a badge of honor, and one we equate with being successful. Demands on our time never stop. Our schedules are full of meetings, appointments, and tasks, leaving little room for...
A mother holding a basket of easer eggs, sitting on a couch. She is giving her daughter a hug as she stands next to her.

What To Do When They Stop Believing

March and April give us two more opportunities to celebrate with our kids: St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Along with the joy these celebrations can bring, there’s also the chance that your child may...
goof off

Make Plans to Goof Off

Did you know that National Goof Off Day is celebrated on March 22nd every year? It’s not like we need an excuse to be fun and playful, but if it’s been a while, March...

What To Do About ChatGPT

ChapGPT has caught the attention of the world. Schools are freaking out, standard industry is figuring out how to pivot, and entrepreneurs have already integrated it into their businesses. So, as parents, what should...

New Year’s Resolutions Already Broken?

January 13 was Friday the 13th but it’s also known as Quitter’s Day. The second Friday in January is the most likely day for people to give up on their New Year’s resolutions. Funny....
hates school

What To Do If Your Kid Hates School

My kid hates school and the best thing I ever did was stop trying to change his mind.  I stopped trying to convince him that school was great or had value… and I started...

Gratitude Guilt

The Thanksgiving and December holidays are supposed to be the season of gratitude. Which is lovely, unless it makes you feel stressed and guilty. For many of us, the next couple of months are...

After School Meltdowns Driving You Crazy?

Does it ever feel unfair that you drop off a smiling kid at school and pick up a hot mess? That school gets the “best” of your kid. The hope of a child skipping...

School Is Not the Best Place to Make Friends

But school is where all the kids are, right? It’s what movies, social media, and perhaps even your own experience has convinced adults, that your child will find their BFF at school. In fact,...

How to Easily Communicate with Your Child’s Teacher

Communicating with your child's teachers can be a triggering event for some parents. We wonder when or if we should. We worry if we’re going to be seen as “too much." Or, we wait...

3 Remarkable Outcomes from Gaming

My son loves to play video games and for years I fought him on this. I was convinced that gaming would make him an antisocial zombie who would hide in his room and that...

3 Things Parent of Kids With ADHD Want You To Know

Parents raising kids with ADHD are not only trying to raise a child who experiences the world differently, but they also have to dispel the myths and misconceptions about ADHD for others. Like many...
self esteem

9 Simple Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Self-Esteem

We all want our kids to feel good about themselves. We want them to be confident, accepted, and willing to try new things, as well as successfully cope with mistakes and setbacks. That’s all...
self care

Is Self-Care Making You Feel Worse Rather Than Better?

Are you done hearing the term “self-care” because you are doing all the “things” but not really feeling any better? You choked down the green juice in the morning, downloaded your favorite meditation app,...

One Parenting Mistake That’s Easy to Fix

“I don’t want to…” “It’s boring…” “I hate it…” Chances are you are no stranger to these statements. And most of us respond with some sort of “just get it done, get over it,...
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