Tara O'Brien

Tara O’Brien is an interpersonal relationship coach, teacher, ADHD expert, and creator of the O'Brien Method. Tara teaches moms how to quickly shift the dynamics in their home by eliminating the fear, doubt, overwhelm, and frustration inherent in raising children. Tara's clients develop a deep connection with their child, an unshakable confidence to handle whatever life throws at them, and a powerfully calm presence for their family. For more information about her approach, coaching programs, or to schedule an initial conversation, check her out at www.dramafreeadhd or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
self care

Is Self-Care Making You Feel Worse Rather Than Better?

Are you done hearing the term “self-care” because you are doing all the “things” but not really feeling any better? You choked down the green juice in the morning, downloaded your favorite meditation app,...

One Parenting Mistake That’s Easy to Fix

“I don’t want to…” “It’s boring…” “I hate it…” Chances are you are no stranger to these statements. And most of us respond with some sort of “just get it done, get over it,...
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