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For those of you who are like me and DREAM of waking up every morning with ringlets and romantic wavy curls, this post is for you!! I have tried my hand at every curling device out there! Some of my favorites are my Bed Head hot rollers, Conair curling wand, and my newest CHI rolling curling iron! Between burning my fingers on hot rollers and burning my arm with irons and wands it is just so depressing to watch my HOURS of primping go to waste and to have my curls fall out by the time I get to the restaurant!

I was recently at my Mom’s house and she was putting those “old fashioned” SPONGE CURLERS in my  4 year old’s hair! She joked about doing mine next. I began to wonder what the final product would be after hours of sleeping in them! I decided to do a trial and see what would happen! The next morning I took them out and a million little springy curls were instantly born! Seeing shirly temple in the mirror was a bit frightening… then I began to pull, seperate and even brush my hair… after a few minutes of primping (NOT HOURS) my hair fell out a little and relaxed to the PERFECT amount of volume and curl!! I knew this was my go to favorite way to get those desirable curls!! SO! How do I do it? Here is a tutorial of what works best for me!
**I have super straight, fine, thick hair…results might be different for those of you who have other kinds of hair types!

imageStep 1: I run the shower and quickly whip my hair under the water… wetting it just a little but not dripping or soaking!

Step 2: I bend over and brush my hair into a VERY high pony tail! This will keep the curlers high on my head so I won’t be sleeping on them.

Step 3: By taking small portions of hair slowly roll the curler up into of piece of your pony tail! By the end I think I used 25 curlers. I do this before bed, as I watch a show. You can get sponge curlers at any drugstore, I got mine in different sizes and I got them at the Dollar Tree.

Step 4: SLEEP as long as your pony is nice and high you shouldn’t feel the curlers at all!

Step 5: Remove the curlers and shake, pull, run fingers through the curls! Give it a good 30min to soften, relax and fall out before you need to be somewhere to plan accordingly!

imageNow for myself with the use of some fabulous products my curls will last for 3 to 4 days! For someone whose curls fall out in a few hours this makes it well worth the time to put them in before I go to bed!!

** I will also add that by thorowing my hair into a messy loose bun each night to sleep, encourages and prolongs the curls the following morning!

Now I will tell you my SECRET WEAPON… Dry shampoo!! This allows my curls and waves to last a few days and adds movement to my super boring straight hair 😉
imageBy using Suave dry shampoo spray ($2 at Target) my hair stays clean and volumized! I hold the can 6 inches away from my head and spray in parts, hairline, and crown. If you hair is greasier in certain areas pull up a section at a time and spray under. Then bend over and rub those areas. The heat from your fingers will blend the white spray into your hair and absorb the oils. I quickly brush through it and I am ready to go!

 Another product I use is the Suave waterless foam shampoo pump! (same price, same place) I pump a quarter sized amount into my hands rub together and start coating the ends of my hair. I then cinch, grab and rub into the ends working my way up! The product stays on the lower part of my hair, and again the previous product is applied to the hairline and parts to assure a grease free hairday!

imageSo this is MY tried and true way to get amazing long lasting curls and waves. What are some things you use to get that perfect curl?

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Born and raised in the valley, Mandi has been married to the love of her life David since 2007. They have been blessed with two beautiful girls, Gracelyn born 2008 and Briella born 2010. Mandi finds so much joy in being a stay at home mom and enjoys hosting play dates, dinner parties and organizing get togethers with her friends. When she isn't busy studying for her Doula certification, you can find her tied to her hot glue gun or elbow deep in ribbon designing simple, elegant girly hair accessories for her little online store Jolie Fille Bowtique. She is loves fancy coffees, good storms and outdoor adventures! She looks forward to every holiday and loves to celebrate big as each one approaches. When she’s not playing dress up with her babes, she loves DATE NIGHTS with her man, thrifting with friends, and thinking up creative ways to make and capture fun memories! She feels so blessed for this life God has given her and desires to share His amazing joy with everyone she meets! You can keep up with her family on their blog



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