Learn all About My Experience with Microblading


Two years ago I turned 40, and ever since, my eyebrows have drastically changed. They went from full and dark to unruly and really patchy. Check out my before picture below. Yikes. 

See how crazy they were? Also I am not really too wrapped up in beauty trends and I tend not to wear very much makeup. But I decided I needed to try microblading to fix my eyebrows. I booked an appointment with Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee (in Old Town Scottsdale) to help remedy my random, erratic eyebrow situation. 

I have to say Akisha is truly an artist. I can’t believe how well my eyebrows turned out. I seriously look 10 years younger and I didn’t know that was even possible without undertaking surgical procedures.  Here is my after photo!

The total microblading procedure took about 2 hours. It was a bit painful but totally manageable. Akisha used a microblading tool with tiny needles to make fine hair-like lines directly into my skin (like a tatoo). The procedure should last at least 6 months and could last up to a year. I really don’t think I could go back to those unruly brows so this procedure will be part of my normal beauty maintenance routine.

Plus I have to do even less to get out of the house looking decent because my eyebrows are now totally on-point. And since we all are wearing masks for awhile, our eyebrows are really the focal point of our faces.  

Thank you to Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee for giving me this procedure. Contact Akisha to schedule your consultation. She also offers lip, lash and brow ombre procedures. My before and after photos really are proof of her talent (check out the close up picture below! 



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