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In this week’s installment of NBBM, our kids are getting healthier, the post office is improving priority mail, a recycled fashion challenge and free movies!

U.S. Kids Back on the Health Track

Here’s some great news! Kids are watching less TV, getting more exercise and eating better. But there’s still room for improvement. In the study out today, researchers say most kids aren’t getting 60 minutes of exercise a day 7 days a week. Lucky for us, cooler temperatures are just around the corner, making it easier for us to get outside and play.

Holiday Mail Improvements

This past week, I received some mail from the post office that made me start thinking about holiday packages. I know it’s a little early, but I am a procrastinator. The USPS recently launched new and improved Priority Mail. I’ve used Priority Mail before. I like it because you can stuff as much as you want in a small box for five bucks. Well now, the post office is offering free insurance for most packages up to $50. You can also track your packages better whether they are coming or going. Check out this map. I put in my zip code and found that if I Priority Mail a package to my parents in Pennsylvania, they’ll get it in two days. So I’ve got plenty of time to get those presents in the mail… for now.

365 Days of Recycled Fashion

I am definitely not a fashionista, but I appreciate fashion and I appreciate fashion on a budget. That’s why I love what Christina Dean is doing. She is nine months into ReDress… a 365 day challenge in which she wears only secondhand clothing. The idea came to her when she was sitting on top of giant landfills filled with discarded clothing in Hong Kong. You can follow her recycled outfits on Instagram.

Harkins Celebrates 80th Anniversary with Freebies

If you’re looking for something to do this week with the kids, head over to your local Harkins Theater. From now until next Thursday the 26th, you get free drink upgrades and free refills on large and extra large drinks. Then starting this Friday the 20th through next Thursday, you get two free tickets to a movie. There are just two movies to choose from at each theater and they will alternate showings. For instance, at the Norterra Harkins, there will be three showings of “Epic” and two showings of “Oblivion.” Tickets are first come, first serve. Harkins is the sixth largest theater chain in the country and it started right here in Arizona. Thank you Harkins and Happy Anniversary!



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