Breastfeeding: Are You Done Yet?


NPhxMoms Breastfeeding Graphic Boy

Oh you’re done! It’s time to stop. You’ve done your time.

If you read my post last year, you know a little about my journey of being a mom of 3 but only breastfeeding one baby. Well back when I shared my story he was only 6 months old…now he is 18 months old. The term Extended Nursing is starting to sneak it’s way into my life. I didn’t intend on nursing him as long as I have but he is “persistent” when he wants to nurse…read melts down until he gets a shot of bmilk.

So many times when the topic of nursing gets brought up the response is something like “You’ve put in your time, now you can stop.” Even our pediatrician said it was fine to stop nursing my baby and even asked if I was “still producing milk.” It’s not offensive to me at all when people make these types of comments but it does get me thinking. When is a good time to stop breastfeeding?

In 2010, when I had my first child it was recommended for 12 months. In 2012, after my second baby it was 24 months. And finally in 2014 with my third, there was no end date recommended to me. What I do know is that despite my pediatrician giving me the OK to wean my little guy they CONSTANTLY comment on how healthy he is…”It’s surprising he isn’t sick more often for being the third child” and he was off the chart for growth in both height and weight until he was one year old. I think it is because of breastfeeding. So for us, even though most people we talk to about the topic think it’s time to stop, I will continue on with nursing him. Because it truly is a special experience with undeniable benefits that we only get to enjoy for a short time.

Comment below about your breastfeeding journey. Have you received similar comments once your baby was over 12 months? Did you have the opposite experience where you felt pressure to nurse?  Share your experience with us…we would love to hear it.

Feel free to download and share the graphics below in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week! Happy nursing!

NPhxMoms Breastfeeding Graphic Girl

NPhxMoms Breastfeeding Graphic Boy

World Breastfeeding Week Graphics by: Just Us Three Design 



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